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The ram, he felt sure, was the proper friend to apply to. So she went to the ram and told him the case.
Vernon or to me on the cause of her distress; what could she do, therefore, but apply to my brother?" "Good God!" she exclaimed, "what an opinion you must have of me!
A word, for example, may be said to be vague when it is applicable to a number of different individuals, but to each as individuals; the name Smith, for example, is vague: it is always meant to apply to one man, but there are many men to each of whom it applies.* The word "man," on the other hand, is general.
I am inclined to think that similar remarks apply to the general idea of "imageless thinking," concerning which there has been much controversy.
To whom could I apply to know something more of the man's history and of the man himself than I knew now?
I mean the resolution--if Miserrimus Dexter failed me--to apply to one of the two agents (or solicitors, as we should term them) who had prepared Eustace's defense--namely, Mr.
He at length dismissed Tom with a gentle rebuke, advising him for the future to apply to him in cases of distress, rather than to use extraordinary means of relieving them himself.
The FIE Rules do not apply to an interest in a FIE that is an "exempt interest." There are several categories of exempt interests in a FIE:
The new guidelines apply to all taxpayers who file income tax returns and generally are effective for returns due after 1989.
It does not apply to any other penalty provisions, such as the disregard provision, which are subject to an adequate disclosure exception.
The legislation provides that the normal reassessment period limitations will not apply to the extent needed to give effect to the general election.
66 applies to the recognition of profit from real estate sales by syndicators to partnerships, although it does not apply to the recognition of fees excluded from sales value.