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Mr Molemi Tsheboeng is appointed on promotion to the position of Manager, Corporate Services (Finance and Development) in the ministry of Trade and Industry.
Agamyradov Purli Nurmammedovich, who held the position of the Minister of Education, was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.
Deputy Commssioner Hunza Samiullah Farooqi of PAS Group's in grade-18 has been appointed DC Gilgit while Deputy Secretary Interior Sayed Ali Asghar in grade-18 has been appointed DC Hunza.
In comparison, Machar in dividing his faction's 10 ministerial posts reportedly appointed three Nuer politicians as national ministers plus one deputy minister.
Thomas Callahan of Milton, MA appointed Assistant Secretary
Mr Ruud van den Berg has been appointed Senior Vice President, Magazine Publishing & Advertising
Seishi Suei, a former head of the Traffic Bureau at the National Police Agency, was appointed ambassador to Denmark.
GLEN LEBLANC (Atlantic Provinces Chapter) was appointed Senior Vice President and CFO of Aliant Inc.
She was appointed to the official staff as assistant director in 1998 and promoted to associate director in 2002.
Eeva Makela has been appointed vice president, investor relations for Metso Corp.
One of the dangers of allowing ex parte communication between a party and its appointed arbitrator is the potential that evidence or material not presented at the heating will be referenced and possibly considered during deliberations.