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A power of appointment is a power, either created or reserved by a donor, that enables the donee of the power, acting in a nonfiduciary capacity, to designate recipients, within the limits prescribed by the donor, of beneficial ownership interests in or powers of appointment over the appointive property.
George Poling's Ward 4 is home to 11 members of appointive panels, while Andrea Ortiz's Ward 7 is home to 12.
(7) When she asked me to chair this commission in the fall of 2002, she said, "Don't get hung up with appointive systems and changing the elective system and the idea of amending the New York State Constitution, because you know there's no support for that." Finding out what we could do to promote confidence in judicial elections was the task and assignment of our commission, a commission of twenty-nine citizens and judges--a lot of different backgrounds, from every part of the state.
appointive members had terms of two, four, six, eight, and ten years
The foreign minister does not have sole appointive power over the posts of ambassador and senior ministry bureaucrats from bureau director general and above as they require cabinet approval.
"We are compelled to resign because we believe that the appointive power that brought us to our posts has lost his claim to our loyalty," says the censors' joint statement.
Clinton was almost continuously active in New York city, state, and national politics for four decades, from his first appointive office in 1787 as Secretary to the Governor of New York until his death while holding that same office.
Finally, we appreciate Guyot's comparisons of the percentages of women in appointive, career, and elective positions, but again this goes beyond the framework of representative bureaucracy into other important and much-needed research about the progress women are making in bureaucratic as compared to elective posts.
And the liberal leadership, for its part, never forgot that it would have held on to appointive offices had it not left the PRI.
However, legislation does not include actions of Federal or state administrative or special purpose bodies, whether elective or appointive.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Calabarzon is encouraging elective and/or appointive state workers and members of non-government organizations (NGOs) to apply as deputized environment and natural resources officers (DENROs) or 'eco warriors.'
Lacson is proposing that all elective and appointive government officials, from the president down to the lowest rungs of the bureaucracy, be exempted from the bank secrecy privilege.