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"I suspected it," he continued -- "another application for an appointment under Monsieur.
Did you not say that he intended to make you a present of some appointment in the king's house
"I beg your pardon, count; but, if I succeed in obtaining the appointment, you, and not he, will have bestowed it on me."
"In the prince's household," said De Wardes, looking up with an air of consideration, "let me see -- the appointment of the master of the horse is vacant, I believe."
"All I solicit," said Malicorne, "is a very humble appointment; I am of little importance, and I do not rank myself above my position."
-- an appointment more valuable than a peerage; for it gives precedence over all the marechals of France."
It is all-important, for the sake of the monarchy and of religion itself that you should receive this appointment. Monsieur Rabourdin is a liberal; he subscribes to the 'Journal des Debats,' a dangerous newspaper, which made war on Monsieur le Comte de Villele to please the wounded vanity of Monsieur de Chateaubriand.
While these four personages were sitting down to their game of boston, Elisabeth and her uncle Mitral reached the cafe Themis, with much discourse as they drove along about a matter which Elisabeth's keen perceptions told her was the most powerful lever that could be used to force the minister's hand in the affair of her husband's appointment. Uncle Mitral, a former sheriff's officer, crafty, clever at sharp practice, and full of expedients and judicial precautions, believed the honor of his family to be involved in the appointment of his nephew.
First of all, we must make sure of Baudoyer's appointment, and des Lupeaulx will get it for us on these terms; after that is settled we will hand him back to you.
This appointment, we repeat, will be an act of justice and good policy; consequently we may be sure it will not be made."
Germaine, how my wife's far-away cousin kept an appointment with a ghost, and what came of it."*
The passenger's appointment proved to be the salvation of a whole ship's company.