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But most extraordinary of all is their mode of speaking about virtue and the gods: they say that the gods apportion calamity and misery to many good men, and good and happiness to the wicked.
The BBC should realise that the way PRS apportions this blanket payment for works played on Radio Cymru (approx pounds 0.
Congress apportions, 0MB appropriates, and the Agency allots funding.
Instead of forcing first-time buyers to bear 100 percent of the burden of infrastructure and development costs, and then pass those costs along to the next buyer, a reconveyance fee (also referred to as a transfer fee) apportions costs over those who utilize the improvements, lowering the cost of home ownership.
Global Banking News-23 July 2009-Morgan Stanley apportions a major share of revenue for salaries(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
When the state revenue commissioner determines the total market value of all property held by a public utility in the state, apportions the value between counties, and sets a tax assessment ratio, a county can modify the assessment ratio but not the apportioned market value, according to the Supreme Court of Georgia.