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Surely now is the time to put family first in the best interest of children as apposed to wasting still many more valuable years procrastinating whilst still another study is undertaken.
We're a nimble agency, which I prefer to refer to as one office with very long corridors, as apposed to the traditional 'network'," he said.
2] of the CP area was isolated from 10-[micro]m cryosections and apposed onto an NP20 protein-chip.
3]H]-NAMH plus 500 [micro]M of their corresponding antagonist for nonspecific binding values that proved to be similar to that of the background; subsequently an autoradiographic film (Hyperfilm; Amersham, Piscataway, NJ, USA) was apposed to dried sections and to slides containing plastic standards.
Cross-sections through the helical nucleocapsid were seen apposed to the viral envelope, and the interior of the particles was usually electron-lucent.
The tumor apposed the loose adventitial connective tissue, with no inflammatory infiltrates or stromal reaction present.
Thus an anxiety for definition and identification is proleptically apposed to the impossibility of acquiring one, of achieving nameability or knowability.
All in all Ultimate Ride is very much a simulator as apposed to a game, there are very few achievements to strive for whilst playing, and so the lust for design itself is the only thing to keep players coming back for more.
2-liter apposed four-cylinder engine has excellent credentials in power and durability, with 130-hp and 160-hp turbocharged engines offering excellent acceleration.
com Q: We have recently moved into a smaller home that has an open plan kitchen-dining room, as apposed to a formal dining room.
Following drug-eluting stent implantation to reopen the narrowed artery, a noncompliant balloon is inflated with high pressure to ensure that the stent is fully apposed in order to facilitate transfer of the drug to the artery wall.
However, she said, only 21 per cent of women enter the labour force in the Mena region, as apposed to 50 per cent in other regions of the world.