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THE Echo Arena Liverpool has teamed up with software developer Apposing to launch what it says is the UK's first venue-specific iPhone app.
Dave Algeo, business systems executive at Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) Liverpool said: "The relationship between ACC Liverpool and Apposing has been so successful that we invited them to be our preferred supplier.
Dave Brown, creative director of Apposing, told LDP Creative: "We are all huge Oasis and Beady Eye fans here at Apposing, so we jumped at the chance to work with Liam Gallagher and his team to design this app solution.
Working closely with Sefton Travel Team and schools across the Sefton area, Apposing has undertaken a series of workshops with students to ensure that the app is appealing, useful and relevant to the 15-to-18 year old target audience.
The STENTYS Self- Apposing Stent solves that "stent-sizing dilemma": it fits into the contour of a blood vessel, and its shape and diameter adapt as the vessel dilates and the initial clot dissolves during the post-AMI phase.
Multi-millionaire Gerald Leeke - who has created a luxury pounds 20m hotel and golf complex next to the Hensol Hospital site in the Vale of Glamorgan, is apposing plans to turn over the 155 acres to refugees.
Semiquantification of tissue-bound radioactivity was performed by apposing tissue sections to imaging plates (BAS-IP MP 2040S; Fuji, Japan) for 14 days, before subjecting them to microautoradiography.
20] The tonsils are graded subjectively on a four-point scale: 0 = absent, 1+ = small, 2+ = easily visualized but not obstructive, 3+ = hypertrophic, and 4+ = apposing in the midline.
Apposing client Sony PlayStation has already announced a 2016 release of its PlayStation VR product, a visor-style virtual reality headset for gamers.
Mr McManus praised the small video gaming firms that have sprung from the ashes of Bizarre Creations, as well as the success of city organisations including Liverpool Sound City, design agencies Uniform and Smiling Wolf, and software firm Apposing.
They said that PPMA was not apposing devolution of health ministry at provincial level under 18th Amendment.
He stated in a speech at SITE office that The Decision of MQM and Qaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain on RGST is a true voice of the peoples all over in Pakistan, we will never accept any policy against people , impose of RGST will not acceptable at any cost, Traders and industrialist of the country are also apposing RGST it will cause of more expenditure and economical crisis in Pakistan.