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It happened that Ernest had blundered on an apposite illustration.
Here he set before me water and soap, and a comb; and laid out some clothes that belonged to his son; and here, with another apposite tag, he left me to my toilet.
was the apposite remark made by His Royal Highness.
Then, as if he had well considered the sentiment, and regarded it as apposite to birthdays, he cried, 'Never say die
Flora, however, received the remark as if it had been of a most apposite and agreeable nature; approvingly observing aloud that Mr F.
There was no replying to this very apposite conclusion, and, therefore, Mr.
It would be apposite to note here that previously, in a meeting with the UNDP officials, the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan had emphasized for the requirement of additional allocation of funds to ensure the effective implementation of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation strategy for TDPs in FATA and to speed up the efficiency and effectiveness of the departments in FATA secretariat.
Noor Muhammad Leghari has stated that today on 6th April, 2015 an incident has occurred apposite to the Pasni Fish Harbour (Shamal Bandar), where unknown armed persons fired from a speed boat namely Al-Dolat over the crew of Sindh based boat namely Sakhi Sultan Abdul Wahab Shah Jillani bearing Registration number 20611-B, injuring section (07) fishermen.
Perhaps most apposite of the three women's stories told was Kitty Hart-Moxon who had been detained in Auschwitz.
I keep trying for atmospheric photographs with spectacular view, apposite road-sign, curious cow or pub with my visage in front looking quizzical, amused, bemused or displaying the appropriate emotion.
5000 list, marking the second consecutive year that Apposite has been listed among the fasting growing companies in America.
Something that could be easily remedied by some apposite renaming