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As Abraham Maslow appositely writes: "The central role of the parents and the normal family setup are indisputable.
Although written 400 years ago, John Donne's metaphor appositely covers a central theme of Brokering Access.
Very quickly, this revelation touched all corners of the world and appositely marked the principal achievement of President Hassan Rouhani's fledgling term in office.
Like the other essays in this section, Robert Appelbaum's is concerned with a particular scene, a particular moment in a play--"a gastronomic interjection," to use the phrase he so appositely coined in Aguecheek's Beef, Belch's Hiccup for recurring moments in the Shakespearean text when characters make an interjection about food.
Although the human rights regulatory universality is thoroughly embedded in such a strong idea, namely "a universal nature common to all people" (otherwise, as appositely noticed, why a Human Rights Universal Declaration should be adopted?) (8), such a faith, such a credo, despite its moral power and inherent ethical reverberations, generates significant difficulties as regards its epistemological resources.
The Congress for New Urbanism Charter is still the only coherent formulation of a global ecological development project, appositely initiated and formulated by independent professionals, motivated by constitutional objectives.
The enduring foundation of our relationship with China has been a willing recognition of Chinas place in the region and the world, expressed very appositely by the WTO's New Zealand Director-General Mike Moore who stated, on signing Chinas accession to that organisation, that a WTO without China was inconceivable.
The end result, in a nutshell, is pathological narcissism: the individual gets stuck between what psychoanalyst Phillip Bromberg, reflecting on his clinical work with narcissistic patients, appositely calls 'the mirror and the mask':
We are obligated to respect individual autonomy and freedom, but we are appositely required to protect individual health and safety.
This is to compliment the editors and contributors for appositely paying tribute to their dedicatee; on the other hand, such rich scholarship deserves to read by all.
As a result, in her work on female integration, Judith Stiehm appositely asked: "How can one distinguish between male culture and military culture?" (32) The problem of creating gender equality in organizations where women are a small minority has exercised a number of feminist scholars and Rosabeth Moss Kanter's research on female corporate employment is one of the most insightful in this regard.
As Enke appositely remarks, "trans-literacy remains low." The twelve essays in this volume, then, address a diversity of academic topics and styles ranging from controversial theory to more pedestrian policy advice.