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Nevertheless, comparison of the BIC with bone apposition rate is important to arrive at a conclusion.
In this report we described the use of Tutoplast(R) as an alternative graft to cover the big defect of tunica albuginea that did not allow the apposition of the testis capsule.
Eisenberg emphasized that the pathogenesis of ONJ is presumptive, based on the presumed alteration in the dynamic inhibition, resorption, and apposition of bone.
On any inter-county team, club team, full-back is a critical position because it's your man in front of the goal and it would be apposition that we were definitely trying to get something that was going to work.
But then she also would have to deny that she knows the meaning of a noun in apposition.
The s5i also incorporates Volcano's proprietary real time VH(TM) IVUS tissue characterization functionality that enhances the interpretation of IVUS images, and ChromaFlo(R) Stent Apposition analysis which helps physicians confirm proper stent expansion and placement.
Both new names are nouns in apposition after localities.
1) recently reported an approach to SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry that uses direct apposition of cryosections onto protein-chips to enrich spectral profiles and improve the discriminatory power of the technique.
For the author of the nouveau roman, the use of apposition is a means of deconstructing and unbalancing the sentence.