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The objective of this study was to accurately quantify dynamic bone resorption and apposition with this novel method and to evaluate the modeling of the alveolar bone on tooth movement.
Progressive dentin apposition reduces the pulp chamber in size, modifying the dimensions and the relationship between the size of the pulp and the size of the crown.
Thus, anterior segment coherence tomography (AS-OCT) revealed anteriorly displaced peripheral iris creating the premises of apposition and angle closure.
If the patient doesn't use enough the CAA CLEAR-ALIGNER (17 hours per day) the tooth returns to the initial position and it also might present the mobility because the bony resorption has been produced, but not bony apposition in the opposite zone.
Bone implant contact (BIC) and rate of bone apposition (RBA) were studied for the samples.
(1) A further study that evaluated the bone on growth of the two implantable polymers in a bone defect model in sheep revealed that PEEK-Optima HA Enhanced resulted in approximately 75 percent direct bone apposition as early as four weeks following implantation.
Of these, 19 patients had poor apposition of the stent graft to the inner curve of the aortic arch.
Haematoma was evacuated but the ruptured testis could not be closed primarily because extruded seminiferous tubules and a big tissue defect of tunica albuginea did not allow the apposition of the tunica albugineal edges.
Zones of active apposition osteogenesis are found around the implant and on its surface 14 days after surgery (Figure 2, a).
Kartveit (Old Testament, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway) explores construct phrases in Hebrew that use the terms " daughter" or "virgin" rather than the more usual "land" or "river." He discusses signs of Zion, whether "Daughter of Zion" refers to a collective or an individual, "Daughter (of) Zion" in recent research, the genitive and the construct state in Semitic languages, semantic analysis of the construct phrases with "daughter" and/or "virgin," and whether nomen regens in biblical Hebrew can be a metaphor applied (in apposition) to nomen rectum.
It seems to be an extremely suggestive apposition, although to certain imitative artists or philosophers the apposition seems exacerbated.
Timuray was previously CEO of Vodafone Turkey, apposition she held since 2009.