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However, namely also had another appositional use in the past.
Example (2a) simply describes the configuration in which the modifier is used in an attributive appositional or adverbial manner.
To this extent, these simple appositional conversions can be said to be valency-reflecting, if not respecting.
34) That parallelism, in a way, holds in place the appositional phrasing of Lewis's poem, as it provided the figures of the empiric practitioner in medicine and statescraft.
That is to say, if traditionally the colon serves to introduce a logical effect related to the previous fact, in Don Julian it is also used to present a more detailed description, to signal the use of direct discourse, the discontinuity of a grammatical construction, a pause longer than a semicolon and shorter than a period, or to introduce an appositional sentence (Castelvecchi).
Thus, in addition to the existence of the five criteria that Mintzberg describes, the sixth one may also serve in an appositional way to define an organizational structure.
In particular, the fact that the pelvic inlet also widened is evidence of true pelvic growth rather than simple appositional bone formation, Dahners said.
the simultaneous creation of the man and woman [whom emerge together having been created out of the same primeval Divine Ka] (implying consubstantial equality) bonded in a marriage relationship (implying appositional harmony and interdependence) in the context of achieving family life (original emphases) (implying procreation and self-extension).
But this loss is modified with the appositional definition that follows.
This action of the scleroblasts is responsible for the growth in width of the hemisegment through appositional growth (central lepidotrichia layers are older that the further external ones).
The all-pervasive state repression of the Brezhnev era forced large numbers of artists into an appositional stance.