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Given the non-relationality of the prototypical noun alluded to above--they are typically leaves in a syntactic tree--complex nouns always seem to take their base in an appositional relation, simple apposition or in combination with respect for the valency of their base.
15) For two outstanding appositional narratives, with brilliant comments by the historians who collected them and reflected on them, see George Lipsitz, A Life in Struggle: Ivory Perry and the Culture of Opposition (Philadelphia 1988) and Mario T.
In group 1 birds, the ventriculotomy was closed by using a tension-relieving suture and an appositional simple interrupted suture pattern.
Shaw considers, in this respect, the appositional phrases in which pronoun references conflate the two functions.
The bone and marrow closest to the cement were necrotic, and a thick membrane was present; however, beyond the necrosis was the presence of ongoing, appositional new bone formation with consolidation and thickening.
Furthermore, due to the restrictions mentioned in the Introduction (Section 1) I will ignore, for example, (a) bound modifiers, (b) appositional forms of modification, (c) lexical expressions of cardinality, as well as (d) verbal and nominal forms that are used to express adjectival notions such as relative clauses and adnominal NPs (see examples [6] and [7] above), since the employment of such embedded modifiers would result in complex NPs.
Acute radiation skin toxicity in breast irradiation occurs in the majority of patients and is more problematic where there is appositional skin, including the inframammary fold (1,2).
sloop-s A sloop of amber = the sun(l) slips away upon an ether sea, tar-o = a (big) cloud (2) wreck-vt and it wrecks a purple tar = a (small) cloud (3), appositional = the sun(4) that is the son of ecstasy, in peace.
Artists became their own best witnesses, then, not just because artists were the insiders (they always are), but because the nature of the new work was almost programmatic in its appositional relationship to modernism, and this lent itself to theorizing in prose.
1969 "The Old English appositional construction exemplified by sume his geferan: A forerunner of the modern construction a friend of mine7", English Studies 50: 225-235.
The book's four main chapters discuss, respectively, the terms Canadian, woman, short story, and writer as appositional attributes of Munro's career.
What I am saying here is that our culture has undergone a massive shift, in its symbolic environments, from discursive (rational, analytic, logical, reflective) to non-discursive (gestalt, appositional, emotional, presentational) forms of information and response.