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Bogacki, Krzysztof 1973: Types de constructions appositives en francais.
Restrictive relatives, as their name indicates, restrict the event or situation that they predicate to the class of objects specified in the relative clause, whereas non-restrictive or appositive relatives do not.
Correlatives are phrases, such as progressives, participles, and appositives, that "bring together two events that actually occurred so that they are conjoined in a single independent clause.
In fact, in one verse Rudra is addressed in the accusative with the appositive devam asuram (V.
foreign direct investment, and openness reveal a negative effect appositive impact on economic growth respectively.
According to Callaway (1918: 47) it is "the Nominative of the Appositive Present Participle with an Accusative Object".
While evolving, customers' expectations are already very high, based on experience of international competitors and their achievable delivery times, and hence online providers in the region will need to ensure appositive alignment from both a technology and customer experience perspective.
And the final repetition of "so" is both sensuous in itself and embedded in an appositive ("delicious, so sweet .
When a second marker or another reinforcing element is added, the distance between the anchor and the appositive is bigger, and this can be used by the speaker as a strategy "to prepare the addressee better for the expository part of the apposition or to stress the importance of the second unit" (Pahta and Nevanlinna 2001: 23).
Basilio si poneva cosi tra i vescovi che avevano aderito alla fede di Nicea, ed esplicitava il senso con cui li fu introdotto il termine [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], ricomprendendolo nel senso dichiarato anche dalle altre formule appositive attribuite al Figlio: luce da luce, Dio vero da Dio vero.
According to the 2016 World Investment Report, the Egyptian government amended its Investment Law which they saw as appositive step in increasing investment.
Barrett Browning's appositive, "who, not quite of course," undermines the rest of the sentence.