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The task of a theory of analysis is (as it always was) to sort out the appraisable from the non-appraisable and to put the appraisable into a form where it can be appraised.
From a total of 247 LSTs resected endoscopically, 16 representative cases for each type of LST (classified by 3 endoscopists examining endoscopy photos) that comply with the following criteria were randomly selected: pathologically adenoma or intramucosal carcinoma, [greater than or equal to]10 mm in size, traceable and uninterrupted muscularis mucosa, and having 250 [micro]m or more appraisable submucosal layer along with the tumor.
Beyond Button Presses: The Neuroscience of Free and Morally Appraisable Actions, ROBYN REPKO WALLER
Eros, in Loy's anti-sentimental vision, is a mere "Spawn of Fantasies / Silting the appraisable / Pig Cupid his rosy snout / Rooting erotic garbage ...
The Act defines a stake as "a sum of money paid for participation in a game or a monetarily appraisable obligation taken in return for the right to participate in gambling." (13) Before the Act came into force, the same concept was defined by the Supreme Court in the case 3-1-1-7- 06 (p-d 9.3-9.5).
"You can really take almost anything that's appraisable and of value that is appreciated or capital gain if you sell it directly, and you can use that donation in a donor-advised fund and continue to be making gifts and supporting philanthropy where your cash might be a little bit tighter," said Hewitt.
It aims at enriching the knowledge of the Geico team to create a distinct, perceptible and appraisable value which will be recognized by present and potential customers.
In this sense, the individual sentence structures are distorted or modified by Loy's ambiguous grammar--a grammar that is established in the first fragment of the Songs: Spawn of Fantasies Silting the appraisable Pig Cupid his rosy snout Roofing erotic garbage 'Once upon a time' Pulls a weed white star-topped Among wild oats sown in mucous-membrane (I, 53)