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If this claim about privilege were true, and contrary to this claim, moves in non-logical modes are legitimate and appraisable, then Gilbert would be quite right to say that the logocentric theory of appraisal is inadequate and that we need a new theory that embraces different norms for different modes.
Eros, in Loy's anti-sentimental vision, is a mere "Spawn of Fantasies / Silting the appraisable / Pig Cupid his rosy snout / Rooting erotic garbage .
The Act defines a stake as "a sum of money paid for participation in a game or a monetarily appraisable obligation taken in return for the right to participate in gambling.
You can really take almost anything that's appraisable and of value that is appreciated or capital gain if you sell it directly, and you can use that donation in a donor-advised fund and continue to be making gifts and supporting philanthropy where your cash might be a little bit tighter," said Hewitt.
It aims at enriching the knowledge of the Geico team to create a distinct, perceptible and appraisable value which will be recognized by present and potential customers.
Spawn of Fantasies Silting the appraisable Pig Cupid his rosy snout Roofing erotic garbage 'Once upon a time' Pulls a weed white star-topped Among wild oats sown in mucous-membrane (I, 53)
In order to have any, the concepts of information and the notion of its measurement in social activities had to be incorporated into the latter; moreover, it had to be accounted for, that any social fact, activity or event could not be measured without considering that they were appraisable within a probabilistic or even stochastic systemic matrix; of which I will soon say more.