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APPRAISEMENT. A just valuation of property.
     2. Appraisements are required to be made of the property of persons dying intestate, of insolvents and others; an inventory (q.v.) of the goods ought to be made, and a just valuation put upon them. When property real or personal is taken for public use, an appraisement of it is made, that the owner may be paid it's value.

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During the hearing, investigation officer of Collectorate of Customs Appraisement West produced the suspects before the court and submitted that the customs officials recovered mobile phones, tablets and batteries from a container.
Given that these courses of action are based on thymological experience and what the actor predicts will occur in the future on the basis of such experience, it follows that this experience must therefore be subjective and must vary from person to person Thus, for Mises as well, the ultimate valuations and actions in the marketplace, given that they incorporate the actor's interpretation of the past and his appraisement of the future, reflect two layers of subjectivism: the subjectivism of his wants and how he ranks them in order of relative importance and the subjectivism of his expectations and anticipations.
For men, the appraisement is concerned with income level, overall manliness, sexual appeal, and male camaraderie.
If the appraisements [of] S3200 for 160 acres is correct, (and such are the average appraisement for 160 acres and 80 acres respectively), the $100,000 is barely sufficient to give 80 acres of good agricultural land for each man, woman and child.
The forced sale is my inference from the following: "[U]pon Payment of the Value thereof, at such Appraisement, or upon the Tender thereof being refused, the Fee and Property of such Lands shall vest in the United States.
Research for application of group decision method on appraisement system of science research schema, in Proc.
The present study suggests a novel evaluation approach integrating AI methods for the machine-aided appraisement of weight training exercises.
proper documentation for proper appraisement, classification, or to
Evaluation part majors in giving interns' Work placement achievement a scientific, rational, fair and justified appraisement and its function contains offering downloading of evaluation table, inputting evaluated information and achievement feedback.
Inter-island movements of Peary caribou: A review and appraisement of their ecological importance.
The Students' Appraisement And Feedback of This Course