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APPRAISEMENT. A just valuation of property.
     2. Appraisements are required to be made of the property of persons dying intestate, of insolvents and others; an inventory (q.v.) of the goods ought to be made, and a just valuation put upon them. When property real or personal is taken for public use, an appraisement of it is made, that the owner may be paid it's value.

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The reason that it lies at the intersection of both sets of demand and supply schedules is the assumption of perfect knowledge and the resulting correct appraisement of the original valuations by both the sellers.
Salerno, "A Final Word: Calculation, Knowledge and Appraisement," Review of Austrian Economics 9, no.
105) In addition to an initial inventory and appraisement, the guardian must file accountings one year after appointment and as often as the court requires thereafter.
262, 300, an ordinance of the city council purporting to fix the price to be charged for gas, under an authority of law giving discretionary power to do so, was held to be bad, if passed in bad faith, fixing an unreasonable price, for the fraudulent purpose of compelling the gas company to submit to an unfair appraisement of their works.
Rachell De Lucena, Widdow Executrix of ye Last Will and Testament of Abraham De Lucena Late of ye City of New York Merchant Deceased Who being of ye Hebrew Nation was duely sworn upon ye five Books of Moses and Solemnly Declared and Deposed that ye before Written Inventory And Above Written Account of ye Estate of ye Said Abraham De Lucena Deceased together with the Appraisement of the Goods and Chattels of ye Said Deceased by the appraisers hereunto annexed Contains a true and perfect Inventory and account ye Said Abraham De Lucena Deceased as far as both Come to ye Hands possession or knowledge of the Said Rachell De Lucena as to ye hand or possession of Any other person or persons In trust for her
However, in Queensland the distinction is recognised, with a process known as appraisement being used to establish that a student meets the criteria set down.
She has now demanded an exhaustive judicial appraisement a tiroirs ouverts.
The statute further provides that merchandise may not be valued on the basis of "a system that provided for the appraisement of imported merchandise at the higher of the two alternative values.
In the complained maladministration was alleged on the part of FBR, Islamabad for delay in grant of registration status, as manufacturer and Model Customs Collectorate, Appraisement (MCC (A), Lahore for not returning postdated cheques deposited as security for sales tax in terms of condition (i) of Sales Tax Notification No.
This is because the MVP and hence DMVP of a factor are not given to the capitalist but instead must be estimated through entrepreneurial appraisement (Rothbard, 2009, p.
trading partners-including the European Union and New Zealand--rely on the first sale approach and that use of "first sale" as a viable appraisement tool has consistently been upheld under numerous decisions issued by the U.