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* Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings
However, throughout this period, the notion that only appraisers experienced and skilled in the art of appraising could produce a credible valuation never faded.
Emphasis will be on appraising the value of preservation easements donated as charitable gifts under the Internal Revenue Code.
What are the best techniques for appraising a perpetual preservation easement?
According to the continuum model, strategies and methodologies for appraising, describing, and preserving records are implemented early in the records management process, preferably at the design stage, and not at the end of the life cycle.
Ediger, Marlow (1999), "Appraising Pupil Progress in Mathematics," Improving the Teaching of Elementary School Mathematics.
The process of appraising a nursing home consists of three distinct activities: examination of the physical plant, assessment of management, and evaluation of market potential and competition.
Intended for classroom use with senior high school students, the 50 item Test on Appraising Observations is based on a comprehensive set of principles modified from Robert Ennes' conception of good observation appraisal.
The Appraisal Institute premiered two educational offerings in November: Practical Applications in Appraising Green Commercial Properties, a two-day course on the valuation of green commercial properties, launched Nov.
The East and Midwest are seeing the same discrepancy as the national aggregate, while the West is bucking this trend, with many of the regions metro areas appraising higher than owners estimates.
Appraising car dealerships can be challenging and successful valuers need to know about current trends in both real estate and in the automotive industry.
Anyone interested in working with gemstones, from jewelers and jewelry makers to designers, will find THE JEWELER'S DIRECTORY OF GEMSTONES: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO APPRAISING AND USING PRECIOUS STONES, FROM CUT AND COLOR TO SHAPE AND SETTING an invaluable resource.