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It is appreciable that Pakistan political and military leadership is on same page for betterment of the country, he said.
While addressing the ceremony, Dr Arif Alvi said that services of Pakistan Orphan Care Forum (POCF) and other welfare institutions, which are busy in serving the grieved humanity, are appreciable.
Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah said, 'Pakistan is our brotherly Muslim country and the role of Pakistani community in the development of Kuwait is appreciable.'
'The re-opening of the film industry demands a proper wardrobe and keeping view this, the designers are also taking great interest which is highly appreciable. The fashion designer Yasir Shakeel and Zohaib Shakeel have contributed a lot for the industry and I am very much grateful to them as they have prepared fantastic wardrobe for me,' Mustafa expressed this during the opening ceremony of Cherry Out Let in DHA.
It is appreciable that these menaces have been effectively checked, controlled and eliminated to a considerable extent from the sacred soil of the motherland through committed and coordinated efforts of the armed forces, security and law enforcement agencies and people of Pakistan.
The September 2018 contract is a half-tick higher near 97.545 (2.455% implied 3-month yield), while the deferreds are 0.5-2.5 ticks higher out the curve, though this doesn't appreciable alter the Fed course near-term, as 1-2 more hikes this year hang in the balance in the quest for neutrality.
by ONAThe participation by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates is aimed at exploring new markets for Oman-made products which received an appreciable demand from within and outside the Sultanate.
Sarfaraz said that World XI tour will open the doors of international cricket in Pakistan and it was a very appreciable effort by the PCB for bringing the cricket back to home as we are the peace and cricket loving country and waiting for this moment since 2009.
Shri Singh also congratulated the representatives of cooperative societies representing various States for their appreciable contribution in the cooperative sector and said that he hoped to continue the trend of such programmes being organised in other parts of the country.
Furthermore, unless there's appreciable rain, the ground could be quicker than ideal for her.
Forty six poll respondents do not know the most appreciable assistance of Russia to Kyrgyzstan after collapse of the Soviet Union.
Sathasivam observed that the " remarks made against the verdict are not appreciable. We agree that some of the statements made are not in good taste.