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the betterment of the people particularly the people of far-flung areas are appreciable.
The corporate tax rate has been reduced to 25 percent for MSMEs which is highly appreciable as it was the need of the hour.
The centres so established and gradually being added are providing good services to the people which is quite appreciable indeed.
As many as 759 packs are operational and their membership is 12 lakh and it is also appreciable that hundred percent villages are covered under these packs.
SAKHAKOT -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Malakand district council member Asghar Ayub Khan said that it was very appreciable that load shedding and low voltage problem were solved in tehsil Batkhela in the area by cutting off electricity to crush machines, marble machines and others factories in the area in the holy month of Ramzan.
Forty six poll respondents do not know the most appreciable assistance of Russia to Kyrgyzstan after collapse of the Soviet Union.
Sathasivam observed that the " remarks made against the verdict are not appreciable.
The text currently in force defines, with the help of market share thresholds, what the Commission considers not to be an appreciable restriction of competition.
It is highly appreciable that the members are fully involved in House business even at the last day of their stay.
Conversations with bankers reveal a diverse set of circumstances, ranging from ‘business as usual' on the one hand to appreciable credit restrictions on the other," he said.
But Judge James Pyke, who remanded Huxtable in custody, warned: "It would be very wrong of the defendant to be anticipating anything other than an appreciable period of custody.
The threatened opposition has yet to materialise, if indeed it exists to any appreciable degree, and more people are doing what nature intended: breathing clean air and enjoying it.