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The temperature was appreciably above normal in Allahabad and Jhansi divisions, above normal in Varanasi divisions and normal or near normal in the remaining divisions of the state.
Not when we must resign ourselves to the fact that it appears from that opinion that the current New Jersey Supreme Count may be prepared to rewrite any insurance contract and extend any deadline set forth in an insurance policy for as long as an insurance company is not appreciably prejudiced.
In using this test, the court found that the ESVs did not materially increase the aircrafts' value, appreciably prolong their useful lives or adapt them to a new or different use.
Over the period of the reign of Queen Victoria, Middlesbrough--the British Ballarat in Asa Briggs' memorable phrase--was transformed from a rough-and-ready 'frontier' town, with high crime rates and little in the way of policing, into a relatively stable and policed community, with appreciably lower levels of both serious and petty crimes.
These findings could appreciably raise the projection of tobacco-related deaths per year," said Dr.
The major costs of accommodation and staffing are not affected appreciably by the change to September sittings.
If the expenditures stop deterioration and appreciably extend the property's useful life, the costs must be capitalized.
Yet no one was certain that a blow-molded plastic fuel tank--which promised to be appreciably lighter and less expensive than stainless steel--would be capable of stopping fuel vapors from leaking out.
During winter, ester pitch hydrolysis slows appreciably, and the ester fraction of pitch is significantly greater than in the summer, when warmer temperatures lead to higher rates of hydrolysis.
At the same time, he must enter into and explain the dilemmas of missionaries in Asia during the 16th and early 17th centuries and show how they were appreciably less able to contribute to ethnological science.
SFA official Drew Herbertson said: "These two had appreciably worse records than other clubs.
For larger emission angles (often used to increase surface sensitivity), the EAL/IMFP ratio can appreciably exceed unity.