appreciation of differences

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According to Alenka Flander, Director of CMEPIUS and Programme Operator for the Scholarship Fund Programme, the project activities contributed to strengthening mutual understanding and perception and appreciation of differences while promoting cooperation.
Acceptance and appreciation of differences is the core of pluralism or unity in diversity.
Your appreciation of differences of opinions on the topic of the day will deepen and acquire nuance at the City Club.
With knowledge comes understanding of self and others, and greater appreciation of differences.
The second supportive learning environment is the Appreciation of differences where people have an open mind and mental models (Senge, 1990) that appreciate different perspective and consider that as a window of opportunity for learning and growth.
The Supportive Learning Environment has four characteristics: providing the psychological safety needed for employees to express themselves and make mistakes; an appreciation of differences in ideas, outlooks and worldviews; openness to new ideas; and time for reflection.
To reduce bullying, people suggested there needs to be clear consequences communicated, a change in the culture and greater appreciation of differences between people.
She leads the students through varying levels of interaction, from repulsion toward those who are different, to tolerance, and finally to the appreciation of differences.
This rich diversity is the reason we focus this project on giving young children the opportunity to gain understanding and appreciation of differences and to develop values that promote tolerance," says Stilwell, She hopes that the pilot project will become an integral part of the pre-K curriculum for district classrooms.
The goal is to create a community of people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds working together to solve common problems and creating an appreciation of differences demonstrating strength through unity.
Whether or not living in a small cabin group of peers leads to the appreciation of differences, it certainly exposes campers to differences.