appreciation of differences

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Reinforcing a growth mindset in camp helps campers develop important skill sets such as learning how to think critically, listening and other communication skills, problem-solving, collaboration and relationship skills, self-awareness, appreciation of differences, creative expression, advocacy, personal voice, and more.
While achieving consensus is ideal--full appreciation of differences in circumstances and considerations is equally important and necessary.
It was the start of an experience which allowed me to appreciate a value in US culture that espouses unity in diversity -- one that exist not only by mere tolerance but by a genuine appreciation of differences.
His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, was also honoured in appreciation of his fostering and developing the emirate as a platform bringing global cultures together, and establishing new frontiers of respect and tolerance through diversity and appreciation of differences.
Dr Sheikh Sultan was also honoured in appreciation of fostering and developing Sharjah as a platform that brought global cultures together, and established new frontiers to respect and tolerance through diversity and appreciation of differences.
The globalization of our society creates a sense of urgency on university campuses to ensure that an appreciation of differences in the ever-expanding multicultural environment is maintained.
Acceptance and appreciation of differences is the core of pluralism or unity in diversity.
Your appreciation of differences of opinions on the topic of the day will deepen and acquire nuance at the City Club.
"With knowledge comes understanding of self and others, and greater appreciation of differences." ~ National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems
The Supportive Learning Environment has four characteristics: providing the psychological safety needed for employees to express themselves and make mistakes; an appreciation of differences in ideas, outlooks and worldviews; openness to new ideas; and time for reflection.
Four statement for the Appreciation of Differences dimension and four statements for the Openness to new idea, and five statements to measure Time for reflection and whether employees have the time for creating new ideas and brainstorming.
To reduce bullying, people suggested there needs to be clear consequences communicated, a change in the culture and greater appreciation of differences between people.