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The fair and reasonable estimation of the value of an item. The increase in the financial worth of an asset as compared to its value at a particular earlier date as a result of inflation or greater market demand.

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n. the increase in value through the natural course of events as distinguished from improvements or additions. (See: appreciate)

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In July 2005, as complaints about Chinas exchange-rate practices mounted, China undertook a controlled appreciation of the renminbi.
This time around, import prices have risen 4.5 percent; roughly 64 percent of the renminbis appreciation has passed through to import prices.
appreciation decreases China's textile exports and affects relative
revaluation policy resulted in an appreciation of the yuan to 8.08 per
But since the real driver behind the yen's appreciation is basically a US dollar problem, the best the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the Japanese government can do is to merely smooth the yen's appreciation against the dollar.
To involve us in the land, she shares Coyote stories from Native American tradition, incidents from her own life, and appreciations of older writers on the environment.
On the face of it, all these experiences are perfectly proper appreciations of their objects.
My most satisfying appreciation of nature has come when the different bits of nature that I enjoy fit together with each other and with my routines: the trout I see is the trout I have caught and will clean, whose inside is as beautiful as its outside, which I will eat with fiddleheads or morels I have picked near the stream where the trout lived, in the woods where one can also see trillium and marsh marigolds, above which is a field and then a road and then a house.
With this material Chambers is at his best, and similar appreciations of the manner in which Lucan hovers over Marvell's Restoration satires show how a critic's responsiveness to the interplay between classical models and seventeenth-century texts can both explicate specific passages and, more broadly, display the arts and ironies of seventeenth-century poets schooled in Latin literary culture.
On the Upper West Side, which experienced the greatest condominium price increase, the majority of appreciations occurred in smaller units which had not changed hands for long periods of time.
Dallas, TX, September 23, 2016 --( October 1st marks the third annual Appreciation Day created to allow people to share posts & emails showing words of Appreciation for free.
Real appreciation rates for prices of owner-occupied housing in metropolitan areas of the United States have varied widely during the last three decades.