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In me he found an appreciative listener, who, by virtue of book-reading, knew much about the sea-life he had lived.
Anne perched herself on a block and talked the concert over with him, sure of an appreciative and sympathetic listener in this instance at least.
Anne looked about her with bright, appreciative eyes as she followed Mrs.
The first purposes of every such book must be to outline the development of the literature with due regard to national life, and to give appreciative interpretation of the work of the most important authors.
If," she continued, as Minora made no reply appreciative of this suggestion, "you were to call unexpectedly, the bad luck which pursues the innocent would most likely make you hit on a washing-day, and the distracted mistress of the house would keep you waiting in the cold room so long while she changed her dress, that you would begin to fear you were to be left to perish from want and hunger; and when she did appear, would show by the bitterness of her welcoming smile the rage that was boiling in her heart.
An appreciative listener is always stimulating, and I described, in a humorous manner, certain incidents of my Convalescent Home, in a way which, I flatter myself, greatly amused my hostess.
Color is good,' he commented, an appreciative twinkle in his eyes; 'pictures excellent, characterized by broad, Sargent-like effects.
Billy threw an admiring, appreciative glance at her.
Mr Dorrit,' returned Mrs General, with her gloved hands resting on one another in exemplary repose, 'is ever considerate, and ever but too appreciative of my friendly services.
Following a sunny start of Saturday, which saw homegrown treasures like The Lake Poets, Hyde and Beast and Gallery Circus share stages with Ocean Colour Scene, Big Beats Bronson and headliner Dizzee Rascal, day two was an all together wetter affair - not that it dampened the spirits of the appreciative crowd.
Instead of approaching business as a series of problems to be solved--say, how to cut down on spending, or how to keep employees from getting bored at work--organizations should take a more appreciative look at themselves.
Appreciative Advising is the elixir that harnesses the power of the organizational development theory of Appreciative Inquiry and provides a framework for increasing adviser and student success