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Again, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was appreciatively noted by the Government of Sri Lanka for the efforts exerted to obtain a pardon for the domestic worker.
Not often in one's lifetime does one hear the words, "You won't see a better extended trot than that" and nod appreciatively even though until last week you didn't know an extended trot from a jacket potato.
Here in Birmingham, we've had women with an eye to the main chance alleging perfectly decent men have ruined their lives by looking at their backsides appreciatively or - and this is considered almost on a par with rape - patting them.
But while the tweet may have been interesting enough for us to click the video, what kept us is the way the music video presents Dubai in a different and appreciatively grittier light.
When my girlfriend said something in German and was smiling, I purred appreciatively.
Groome draws heavily from scripture and appreciatively from treasures in church tradition--plus many scholarly sources.
Being humble (ha ha) and the hired help we have to nod appreciatively and say things like "Great idea, it's bound to succeed" (Actually, it could probably help finish off the bits of the fresh produce industry that e-coli hasn't already killed.
It was, Mr Cameron observed appreciatively, Mr Pickles's "massive shadow" that was so effectively cast over bureaucracy and quangos, almost from the moment he was appointed to the Cabinet.
ANP leadership has also condoled over murder of MQM leaders and appreciatively assured to act against any ANP worker if the former has any doubt, said Rehman Malik.
Sometimes they adopt the role of supportive spouse, gazing appreciatively at the men in suits that play the leading parts in the charade.
Bank officials say the work will not change the facade appreciatively.
Smile appreciatively, then murmur yet again, 'Superbe', 'Magnifique'