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In Lewis the lower and preparatory order of light, beauty, and goodness is apprehensible even by animals, and not just the talking ones.
The rise and fall of his hero Okonkwo and the climax of the novel follow a pattern familiar to the Western reader, and the novel is apprehensible in terms of hubris, the tragic-flaw, the father-son relationship, catharsis, and categories of heroism appropriate to the epic tradition.
I am happy to say that the statement the statement "music is fun" is no longer as daunting and am no longer apprehensible about it.
And in those happy, busy days it seemed an awareness of form was flowing straight from Sallustius into me through a conduit which nothing could block, an awareness of a true and profound form that was inherent, that was apprehensible only after the limits of rhetorical device had been surpassed, past which it would be impossible to claim the rhetorical as ordering the material world, for the rhetorical pervades the material and dissolves it, conceives poetry and reality as one, at once, in an interplay of eternal forces as marvelous a creation as music or algebra.
Carlson, "The Invention of the Anglo-Latin Public Poetry (circa 1367-1402) and its Prosody, Especially in John Gower," Mittellateinisches Jahrbuch 39 (2004): 389-406, observes that Anglo-Latin public poetry addresses secular subject matter in an apprehensible style that could allow even a non-clerical audience to focus on its content; he chiefly discusses the Vox's unrhymed verse form.
65-87) summarizes the content of the treatise along three points: "First, that there is nothing; second, even if there is [something], it is not apprehensible by a human being; third, that even if it is apprehensible, it is still not expressible or explainable to the next person.
Introduced to her during her participation in Kraken, a theater company founded by Herbert Blau in 1972 at Oberlin College, the ideograph is "an immediately apprehensible emblematic stage image, a simple movement or gesture that epitomizes the central concept or emotion ala work" (Lanier 2008, 460.
Twelve-lead surface ECG, which is a cheap, non-invasive, and easily apprehensible method, is presently a gold standard in differential diagnosis, determining treatment methods, and performing risk stratification.
Le lien entre la forme matricielle signifiante et la realite extralinguistique y est apprehensible, il est plus ou moins patent.
It is apprehensible that the polar angular behavior of the third Stokes parameter at the end of [theta] = 0 doesn't like the azimuthal angular behavior at the end of [phi] = 0.
And that understanding would depend on a publicly apprehensible object in which the intended identity of the work is communicated.
was for the coalitions it was to allow around the concept when the time was right," might this not support the claim that human rights are a contemporary idiom for communicating certain truths grounded in natural law, and thus apprehensible to all men of good will?