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The seizure and arrest of a person who is suspected of having committed a crime.

A reasonable belief of the possibility of imminent injury or death at the hands of another that justifies a person acting in Self-Defense against the potential attack.

An apprehension of attack is an element of the defense of self-defense that can be used in a criminal prosecution for assault and battery, manslaughter, or murder. An individual who acts under apprehension of attack does not have to fear injury. It is sufficient that there is a likeli-hood of actual injury to justify the person's taking steps to protect himself or herself.

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the act of capturing or arresting, hence an apprehension warrant allowing for the arrest of a person.
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APPREHENSION, practice. The capture or arrest of a person. The term apprehension is applied to criminal cases, and arrest to civil cases; as, one having authority may arrest on civil process, and apprehend on a criminal warrant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Stating that he had apprehensions in his heart of becoming part of an ugly scene, Shah said, "With such fear and feeling, I stood in the Rajya Sabha but it was the meticulous directions of Venkaiah Naidu that from listening to views of the opposition friends to the division of votes, the Bill has to nowhere face any incident which could make people of India feel that dignity of the Upper house has been lowered."
In an interview, Mayor Rex Gatchalian said that once the ordinance takes effect by end of August, the revenue generated from the apprehensions will proceed to trust fund.
Under its no-contact apprehension policy, the MMDA summons traffic violators through registered mail.
The DG reviewed the progress of the counter narcotics operations and stressed on proactive and innovative steps for curbing drug trafficking and apprehension of drug supply sources.
Third-degree domestic assault occurs when someone purposely places a family or household member in "apprehension of immediate physical injury." The term "apprehension" isn't defined in statute.
Penalizing of immigrants for entering the United States illegally appears to have discouraged repeat attempts, according to an analysis of data from the program by Samuel Bazzi, Sarah Burns, Gordon Hanson, Bryan Roberts, and John Whitley in Deterring Illegal Entry: Migrant Sanctions and Recidivism in Border Apprehensions (NBER Working Paper No.
Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of SIM-PBL on senior nursing students' communication apprehension, assertiveness, and nursing clinical self-efficacy through a quantitative approach and data analysis, by developing and applying a SIM-PBL module as part of the curriculum for nursing students.
I argue that apprehension marked an initial act of knowledge that exceeds perception but falls short of understanding, while partaking of both.
Writing apprehension, a term coined by Daly and Miller (1975), describes the interaction between attitudes toward writing and an individual's motivations, confidence, and skills to complete a written task.
The probability of apprehension can be calculated from the number of reported apprehensions.
Mother Teresa keeps strumming and singing Chapins "Cat's in the Cradle" in my hustle-and-bustle on-constant replay dream where I never get to where I'm trying to go, that universal workaholic nightmare, don't step-on-the-cracks reality is reality, the everyday kind of power-walking the turn around the corner that's one big square of Tantalus-tempting glaring future that hasn't started yet, never will, those damned cracks thinking we have time for fear, which, of course, is all our time, these constant blocks building apprehension after apprehension, until sure enough, there's no room left for cracks, our one way to hear Mother's T's needed song.