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The seizure and arrest of a person who is suspected of having committed a crime.

A reasonable belief of the possibility of imminent injury or death at the hands of another that justifies a person acting in Self-Defense against the potential attack.

An apprehension of attack is an element of the defense of self-defense that can be used in a criminal prosecution for assault and battery, manslaughter, or murder. An individual who acts under apprehension of attack does not have to fear injury. It is sufficient that there is a likeli-hood of actual injury to justify the person's taking steps to protect himself or herself.


the act of capturing or arresting, hence an apprehension warrant allowing for the arrest of a person.

APPREHENSION, practice. The capture or arrest of a person. The term apprehension is applied to criminal cases, and arrest to civil cases; as, one having authority may arrest on civil process, and apprehend on a criminal warrant.

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But while piloting the Bill, I had a lot of apprehension as to when I will introduce the bill, how will the house function?
Gatchalian said that the city council primarily pushed for the passage of the No Contact Apprehension Program as the traditional apprehensions usually "lead to corruption and are prone to mistake."
The number of apprehensions in June, however, is still higher than for June last year, when there were only 34,089 arrests. 
The motorists point out, among others, that since no-contact apprehension was implemented along the junction where Sucat Road becomes Ninoy Aquino Avenue, there has always been a long line of northbound vehicles waiting to turn left to Kabihasnan and Coastal Road on the single lane allotted for this, leaving underused the three other lanes where traffic is always light.
The researchers restricted their sample to adult male Mexican nationals with six or fewer prior apprehensions, because the Border Patrol often exempted women and children from sanctions while imposing heavy penalties on the small number of migrants with lengthy records.
The Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas remained the busiest in the country last month, with about 14,700 apprehensions occurring there last month.
The agency compared this figure to the 1,379 apprehensions in the last four months of 2017.
It may be recalled, that there have been apprehensions about the polio eradication programme and many parents have refused dispensation of Polio drops to their children even forcing the district administration and law enforcers to initiate action against the refusing parents.
(5.1.2-6) The emphasis in this first part of the speech is on diminishment and insubstantiality: the passionate apprehensions of fantasy fail to meet the rigorous standards of comprehension, in comparison to which they are trifling "toys," and, like the "airy nothings" Theseus ascribes to poetic invention a moment later, they do not carry the weight of truth (5.1.16).
"Known flow" data comprises gotaways, turn-backs, and apprehensions. Using this data, the Border Patrol calculates the interdiction effectiveness rate (IER), which is the ratio of apprehensions plus turnbacks to the sum of apprehensions, turnbacks, and gotaways.