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While urging the court to order parties to maintain the status quo, Mr Nderitu said he was apprehensive that the impending demolitions would be carried out on the basis of personal vendetta.
'The MP is apprehensive that the secretary of Firearms Licensing Board shall continue to neglect, refuse and fail to renew his firearms certificate and continue to retain his firearm unless the court sees it fit to intervene,' the application says.
While the Nordic business was the only one out of five core units that reported higher profits in the third quarter, the firm is apprehensive that customers could be having a rethink on associating with the bank.
He said: 'Our party is not all that apprehensive. We are apprehensive of what the national leadership can do to welcome somebody who had gone away from the party and later given a royal welcome.'
To test whether people are more likely to microblog when they feel socially apprehensive, Buechel asked participants in one group to write about a time when they had no one to talk to at a party, while the control group wrote about office products.
I am not sure all courses are as accommodating as Fakenham, but if they were disabled people should not be apprehensive about attending a meeting.
I'm a bit apprehensive but I will let him decide what he wants to do in life,' he added.
studying for end the the pass Sidney Trust pass year are result"I'm over the moon, I was quite nervous and apprehensive that I wouldn't get my first choice university.
Organiser Sonia is bowled over by the positive response to her naked calendar fundraiser, but while the likes of Roxy and Aleks have no problems baring their bods, Sonia herself is feeling more than a little apprehensive about the prospect of stripping off.
But Mrs Pratt, who used to work for the NHS, admitted they were "apprehensive" over their safety as they neared St Lucia last week.