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These developmental factors are considered to contribute to the anxiety and apprehensiveness many students experience during transition, particularly for students who transition into a new and more complex social setting and who are already at risk of underachievement (Kingery et al., 2011; Migdley et al., 2000).
That Saturday we flew to Buffalo, rented a car, and with much apprehensiveness drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
It is at the highest risk that in the post-2014, USA endeavor to make invulnerable ingress of the military arsenals would appear as an increasing apprehensiveness and agitation both within Central Asia and with Russia.
While it's questionable whether (or to what degree) Wasabi possesses either the aforementioned disorder or its related personality disorder, scenes involving his neatness, attention to detail, adherence to rules and general apprehensiveness could be used to raise questions about obsessive-compulsive behaviours.
(2014), in which student writers claimed to experience less apprehensiveness when blogging online.
Family ties and those on whom one intimately depends are depicted as potential sources of evil, generating apprehensiveness. Sickness and troubles are attributed to envy on the part of relatives and their spiritually powerful allies.
Apprehensiveness about the consequences of too much permissiveness conjured up visions of the unruly child wreaking havoc within the home, and anxiety about the effects on the child of strict authoritarianism was embodied in the figure of the tyrannical parent who might pervert or scar vulnerable young psyches.
Souter said the ordinance was permissible because begging can create "serious apprehensiveness, real or apparent coercion, physical offense or even danger.'' He had said much the same thing in a 2000 concurrence in Hill v.
Since the classicals originated the concept of creative destruction, they certainly understood that capitalism generates perpetual apprehensiveness, precisely because its dynamics are inherently disruptive.
All the apprehensiveness has been exacerbated by Palestinian leaders' political flailing and bumbling.
They come on the end of the usual race to get things done before leaving, and add to our apprehensiveness about foreign travel.
Findings reflected fathers reevaluating relationships with women after the birth of their daughters, decision-making about whether to contact their daughters during incarceration and reentry, identifying as their daughters' protector, recognizing that their incarceration affected their daughters, and experiencing both optimism and apprehensiveness in reconnecting with their daughters during the reentry process.