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Some people think that he may have been a mercer or cloth merchant, because later Caxton was apprenticed to one of the richest cloth merchants of London.
Learning to sing and dance in public often meant learning to bear hunger and cold in private, when I was apprenticed to the stage.
We must try and get you apprenticed at some boarding-school,' said Ralph.
Blake, the son of a London retail shopkeeper, received scarcely any book education, but at fourteen he was apprenticed to an engraver, who stimulated his imagination by setting him to work at making drawings in Westminster Abbey and other old churches.
I had been apprenticed, as you may say, to frauds and deceptions--some of them on such a grand scale, and managed so cleverly, that they became famous, and appeared in the newspapers.
He had better have apprenticed her,' said Childers, giving his hair another shake, as he looked up from the empty box.