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It seemed that the Jeroboam had not long left home, when upon speaking a whale-ship, her people were reliably apprised of the existence of Moby Dick, and the havoc he had made.
My mother did not relish this at all, and now made many objections to my accepting the situation; in which my sister warmly supported her: but, unwilling to be balked again, I overruled them all; and, having first obtained the consent of my father (who had, a short time previously, been apprised of these transactions), I wrote a most obliging epistle to my unknown correspondent, and, finally, the bargain was concluded.
Another slight movement in the dark circle apprised the trapper that his declaration was not received without surprise, if entirely without distrust.
It was also decided that the Water Commission would be apprised about the efforts of SITE Association of Industry in getting the funds released from the federal and provincial governments required for construction of the CETP while the PC-I is also ready.
During the programme the participants would be apprised about value addition and waste management and inventory management and production planning.
The Committee was separately apprised about the proposed PSDP of Commerce and Textile Divisions.
The DG apprised the delegate about possibilities of enhancing Pak-Italian bilateral trade.
Director Animal Quarantine Department (AND) apprised the meeting chaired by Abdul Qadar Khan Wadan, that Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) had banned the commercial export of live animals on a summary moved by Ministry of National Food Security and Research in 2013, reported an English daily.
Pakistan has apprised the United States about its serious concerns which need to be addressed for moving forward, according to Radio Pakistan.
During the course of hearing, a senior official of interior ministry appeared before the court and apprised that government has provided a bullet proof vehicle and deputed 16 personnel of law and enforcement agencies for the security of former chief justice.
Advani on Monday and apprised him of his displeasure over the appointment of new BJP chief in Jharkhand.
The Minister apprised the Prime Minister on her meetings during her current visit to New York where she had gone to attend United Nations General Assembly Session.