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Captain Delano, whose perspective ostensibly controls the story, even when apprized of the nature of the masquerade is baffled into silence by why "the Negro" has "cast such a shadow" on Cereno: "There was no more conversation that day" (1966, 222).
In the Spring of 2000, only one section was converted to a lab course and students were not apprized of the change until the course begun.
As Madsen succinctly puts it, the bottom line is that "senior policy makers in the Clinton administration were kept fully apprized by the CIA, DIA, and NSA of the genocide in Rwanda and that they consciously chose not to act" (Madsen 1999: 151).
Keith Karnok said that one key feature of Manuscript Tracker was its capability to keep authors apprized of the status of the review process for their manuscripts, but might not accelerate the review process other than by eliminating time spent in the mail.
When apprized of the nine-inch height of the entrance, he proposed extending the ramp out into the sidewalk, where it would have been a hazard to visually impaired individuals.
She notes that she stays apprized of current diversity issues, works on heightening her level of consciousness, explores the significance of her own social identity, and engages in personal reflection regarding how privilege and oppression have impacted her life.
In pursuance of two orders of Court of Mayor and Alderman directed to us underwritten ye 9th day of May and ye 19th day of September last wee have upon ye 9th day of February 1682/3 being first sworne as ye law directs valued and apprized ye Estate of Assher Levy deceased, presented to us by ye Widdow and administratrix of said Estate, as followeth viz:
The other things that are very important are that the clients are fully aware of what is expected of them and that they are fully apprized of what they are expected to do.
The use of the Internet as an information source and research tool is one of the key ways owners and managers can get a handle on the scope of these risks and stay apprized of how other similarly situated companies are formulating strategies to address them.
The Convicts will be apprized, by the Surgeon Superintending, of this Order to the Soldiers.
Apprized of this, on perusing the four books I found it to be a fact: he is only mentioned, Libro 2, Cap.