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While this brute-force approach does work, it's not very efficient, and it certainly isn't confidence inspiring.
Methods: The patients admitted at our institution and undergoing percutaneous coronary angiography and interventional procedures by left or right radial approach between November 2013 and July 2016 were retrospectively reviewed.
Pausing to ritualistically brief for an approach helps an aircrew literally "get on the same page" regarding how they will fly the procedure.
Peng (1989) experimentally compared self-directed learning with a traditional curriculum approach in a three year study.
Use of the ENM approach has grown considerably in the biodiversity community in recent years (6-10).
A PFP-niche business plan should contain a mission statement, positioning statement, value proposition, investment approach, competitive advantage(s), implementation resources, implementation steps and financial projections.
The net asset approach bases the value of the metalcasting facility on the value of its tangible assets minus its liabilities (net assets).
Defeating the North Vietnamese integrated air defense system was addressed through a multi-phase approach that involved developing a dedicated EW aircraft (the EA-6A and later EA-6B), developing tactics, techniques, and procedures at Naval Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) schoolhouse, and commodity-based development of EW systems in PMA253.
The two-step "before and after" approach for a facade preservation easement involves estimating the fair market value of the property and then using this valuation as a basis for valuing the facade preservation easement.
You write that a "sex-negative" approach is detrimental to any discussion of risky sexual behavior.
The second approach would be to use the NOAEL of an immediate precursor effect in a sensitive population and apply appropriate uncertainty factors.