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But to approach it," said the commander, "I ought to put a whaler at your disposal?
The natives who live near the sea descry the strangers long before they reach their waters, and aware of the purpose for which they come, proclaim loudly the news of their approach.
Tarzan grasped his kill and dragged it to the partial seclusion of the bush which had hidden his own near approach, and there he squatted upon it, cut a huge hunk of flesh from the loin and proceeded to satisfy his hunger with the warm and dripping meat.
A herd of buffalo, startled by his approach, rose ready to charge or to fly.
He did not even turn his head for he knew she was not yet in sight; but he bent his ears just a bit more sharply for the first sound of her nearer approach.
He might have taken to the higher branches of the trees upon the opposite side, for Sheeta cannot climb to the heights to which the ape-man can go; but something, a spirit of bravado perhaps, prompted him to approach the panther as though to discover if any feeling of gratitude would prompt the beast to friendliness.
Now, if we could receive some signal of her approach, we could easily escape from her.
The Ostrich, seeing his approach, thrust her head in the straw, saying:
A few minutes more and they would take possession of the abandoned village: the tumult of their approach should become audible at the cottage.
I trembled with rage and horror, resolving to wait his approach and then close with him in mortal combat.
Peng (1989) experimentally compared self-directed learning with a traditional curriculum approach in a three year study.
Use of the ENM approach has grown considerably in the biodiversity community in recent years (6-10).