approach road

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Already the contractor has completed tarmacking the six kilometers approach road from Baolala to Langobaya.
He also asked business people to suggest the best utilization of the 11km approach road of the bridge.
Similarly, he informed that reconstruction of 4.5 kilometer road along with bridge approach road Batkhela to Badwan is underway with an estimated cost of Rs.616.053 million and the scheme has already been opened for traffic.
The Maharashtra Government has recognized Meherazad including the Approach Road as a place of world-wide pilgrimage.
Police at the scene on the Newport Bridge approach road where a car went through a crash barrier
He said: "The deceased had been riding his GT Avalanche pedal cycle along the North Wallasey Approach Road from the direction of the M53 towards New Brighton.
The free booklet, which is being distributed throughout the town and is available from the library, is the latest in a series on the history of the cemetery produced by the Friends of Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, which is linked to the Save Cemetery Approach Action Group set up to fight plans by Newydd Housing Association to build more than 60 affordable houses on the approach road.
One irate motorist said: "The West Approach Road is the main artery into the city centre and its closure created knock-on effects all over the place.
These connect with a secondary entrance and the approach road that penetrates the building.
Measures include a temporary 30mph speed restriction at both the roundabout and A38 approach road from Weeford Island where more road safety work is also being carried out.
(pmgsy) / 2018-19 / p-3), taluka : wankaner, dist : morbi (1) rajavadla - approach road (vr)(2) ranekpar road (vr) (3) gangiyavadar - approach road (4) bherda approach road (5)holmadh approach road
UPPER DIR -- A large number of precious trees have been cut in the forests near the under-construction Lowari Tunnel for widening of an approach road to the tunnel, locals complained on Friday.