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Local people facing tremendous difficulties due to closure of approach roads in the district and they are virtually stranded in their houses.
He said that Garh Maharaja side approach road and guide bank would cost Rs 570.
The project work was then divided into two parts -- the bridge and approach roads.
Less than half of the sites surveyed were clean to European norms, just a few approach roads falling into this category.
Measures include a temporary 30mph speed restriction at both the roundabout and A38 approach road from Weeford Island where more road safety work is also being carried out.
Ilyas Khan an area resident said, one wonders that recently Lehtrar road was dualised but the approach roads are in dilapidated condition.
A spokeswoman said: "The latest IBAL litter survey shows a large number of areas let down by the state of their approach roads, ring roads and roundabouts where litter is caused by passing cars and trucks.
Construction will also include a number of interchanges, approach roads and a rail bridge.
Tenders are invited for 1 daund mohol repairs to approach roads and colony roads at bhigwan parewadi jeure kem and madha stations under aden bg kurduwadi 2 repairs to approach roads and colony roads and road to railway hospital at kurduwadi station under aden kurduwadi bg section.
Hasnain Gardezi, an area resident, told reporter that Lethrar Road has been dualized but all approach roads along Khanna Pull are in dilapidated condition for the last many years due to non-maintenance by the Authority.
Work continues on the underpass at Road 417 where the approach roads have been paved and guard rails installed.
Tenders are invited for Repair And Resurfacing Of Certain Internal Approach Roads In Md Accn And Repair And Resurfacing Of Certain Internal Approach Roads In Md Accn And Repair And Resurfacing To Certain Roads In Odtd And Esd Area Under Age Br West At Ge Dehu Road