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One of the situations we asked participants to imagine was a commonly used one in previous studies on approachability, that of asking for directions (e.g., Willis, Dodd, & Palermo, 2013).
For the purposes of Research Question 1, VoC attribute categories found in the extant literature (Smith and Allen, 2006) (Harrison 2009) were considered, including integration, referral, individuation, shared responsibility, accountability, moral virtue, advocacy, availability, approachability, information, and communication.
This signals positivity, openness and approachability. Always extend a firm handshake, which is a web to web contact of palms, no sweaty palms, a firm grip and eye contact.
His approachability, "can do" attitude and genuine interest in listening to members impressed many he met on his campaign.
Mills & Reeve scored best for responsiveness and quality of legal advice, and was praised by clients for its "approachability and responsiveness" and "sector knowledge".
According to John, there are three key components to spontaneous interpretation: opportunity, approachability, and message.
The Bahrain I have just come back from to Saudi Arabia, is a model of efficiency, diversity and approachability. Bahrainis are extremely welcoming people, and so now are their new laws of investment and their efficient new banking system.
Her approachability and sincere desire to see Clinton prosper has worked wonders already all over town.
Some of the traits, like the size and shape of the mouth were linked to "approachability", the eyes were related to youthfulness, and tanned skin, and a strong jawline were linked to masculinity.
Dianne Hewitson PLEASE be aware this is an escaped display eagle hence the degree of approachability. We think we know its owner and it has been reported for recovery.
Jockey Jamie Moore is a chip off the old block of his father and Sire De Grugy's trainer Gary, both popular through their approachability and modesty, but neither accustomed to success at anywhere near this class.
"The upshot of her devotion to the community, passion for fairness and approachability has meant her taking on a role as advocate, particularly for Asian women who are not sure about challenging authority."