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Participants also rated post-transplant faces as appearing more successful and approachable relative to their pre-transplant counterparts.
Everton now have one who is vibrant, charming, enthusiastic and approachable.
Deadpan in his delivery and never afraid to dip into the surreal to express the sublime, Jason's comics continue to be among the most approachable in the literary comics sector.
Cornish's style is approachable while still retaining much of its authority on the topic.
I THINK I put out an approachable NK I put out an approachable vibe.
The more outgoing and approachable a person I am, the more approachable I'll be as an advisor.
It's up to you to appear professional and approachable so that you can start to build lasting relationships.
Q I TRY to be approachable but I'm so busy being an agony aunt to my staff I need a revolving door fitted to my office.
She says the whole subject of colours and how people perceive you fascinates her - she's even been asked by a leading Cardiff hotel to advise on new uniforms for their staff, to make them look more friendly and approachable.
Whenever a new driver starts, everyone says that they're always so mature, level-headed, down to earth, approachable, that they still travel EasyJet,"
The result is a more approachable Iliad with warriors who speak boldly in strong, ringing voices befitting their station.