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A student at the school, Joe O'Connor, said of the higher paper: "It was very approachable and a really nice paper overall, with great options for questions and there were clearly many trends within it.
Many leaders today are lone rangers because they are not approachable. They move around as tyrants and they are wondering why they aren't having followers.
"These guys really take hospitality to the next level, proving that approachable and unpretentious doesn't also mean unambitious.
Commercial Sean Huddersfield Town retail manager Luke Cowan described his colleague as "extremely approachable" and enthusiastic.
One day she is cheerful and approachable, the next she is hostile and rude.
Making the announcement, Wael El Behi, general manager of First Central Hotel Suites, said: "Beastro's approach is to adopt the great principles of deformalised dining - being around great food, approachable and engaged service, and a fun environment - and combine it with very market-friendly pricing.
The new English translation of famed Torah luminary Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz' edition of the Five Books of Moses has an innovative and unique way of making the text approachable for everyone.
The stories examine questions of time, growth, and freedom, and the writing is approachable and vivid.
He told that four master plans have been proposed for establishment of industrial estate which will be easily approachable from N-5 National Highway.
UK Steel been very Their new and approachable, we are their firm is based at UK Steel Enterprise's Innovation Centre on the Kirkleatham Business Park at Redcar.
This book is lovely, and inspiring and approachable for quilters of all skill levels who want something a little different.