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NAVY: Comes across as very professional, with an element of authority but still approachable
In three years from now, he'll be less approachable, more distant and with his own private jet.
For UK office workers their ideal boss would be someone who was fair and yet approachable and fun.
Yes, because people get ideas from movies, and people think you are more approachable when you are in a movie.
Paul Breed, chief executive of the foundation, said: "Prince Andrew was very approachable and very friendly and seemed to take a real interest in the work of the foundation.
With her girlfriend-to-girlfriend approach, Taylor has crafted a very approachable and readable book.
She wants the whole legal process to be much more approachable for people, wherever they live.
Nonetheless, the messes are much more open and approachable than many buildings of their type, just as the barrack blocks themselves are radically different from traditional eighteenth-century institutional dormitories.
Art*o*mats make their art approachable by literally commodifying it.
The costume of this working retiree--a dapper bow tie, a large name tag carrying only the name "Sam," as well as the bright red vest, suggest the nature of his job--to be visible, approachable and ultimately appreciated for his friendly attitude and service.
400 ZO Benchmark 750, all mold components between 750 and 1,760 mm are said to be effortlessly approachable from the floor without pits and platforms, with an opening stroke of 830 mm.
Tony Ely nominates Hills man Michael Coveney for his friendly and approachable manner