approaching death

References in classic literature ?
She understood those words to mean that he had suddenly softened and that this softening and gentleness were signs of approaching death.
Lord Montbarry received the intelligence of his approaching death with becoming composure, but with a certain doubt.
Idle fancy as it is, this mysterious mantle has thrown an awe around my image of her, partly from its fabled virtues, and partly because it was the handiwork of a dying woman, and, perchance, owed the fantastic grace of its conception to the delirium of approaching death.
It was a frightful thing to see this wretch, leaving a long track of blood on the ground he passed over, pale with approaching death, trying to drag himself along without being seen to the body of his accomplice, which lay twenty paces from him.
It was Bohrecheena, the aged friend of Mahtoree; he whose voice had been given in opposition to his own wiser opinions, transfixed with an arrow, and evidently suffering under the pangs of approaching death.
Winkle responded with a forced smile, and took up the spare gun with an expression of countenance which a metaphysical rook, impressed with a foreboding of his approaching death by violence, may be supposed to assume.
He offered them to one of the faithful friends of the king for transmission to his master, speaking of his approaching death, and declaring that the money came originally from the goodness of the king, and, moreover, that the property of the last of the Valois belonged of right to the crown.
Faced with Diana's approaching death and the mysteries of her own life, Kathleen wonders whether reading after all may not be experience at its most ardent, its most transforming.
While ruminating on his nature and approaching death, Alexander encounters a young Albanian boy, a refugee on the run from the police, and seeks to help him return home, seeing in the child the infinite possibilities of a youth now lost to him.
Jean is very aware of her declining health and approaching death.
This study highlighted the importance of psychological impact of the approaching death on the patient and the family.