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In that process, social entrepreneurship can create social capital specifically appropriable for commercial entrepreneurs.
social value that is privately appropriable through IP rights.
Inter-firm Cooperation with Imperfectly Appropriable Research.
Yet, in order for the dike area to be meaningful, the non-appropriable is always attached to the familiar, the appropriable.
1978) Vertical integration, appropriable rents, and the competitive contracting process.
What allows the earth to become an appropriable object is a prior inappropriable and unobjectifiable element.
That eerily modern consonance ends, however, quite abruptly with Fichte's statement that an author's property is not simply not appropriable, but that the author cannot "be willing to hand over this form in making his thoughts public.
Whitened, purified, and fixed in stone, her identity is wholly and safely appropriable.
Palm oil as a cultural object is therefore, by definition, appropriable.
They also defend the values of equity and unity for the inclusive city : a city whose spaces are easily appropriable.
In regard to the ownership of a form of expression--of what is called "style"--Tucker believed that a particular combination of words belonged to no one; the method of expressing an idea was an idea in and itself and, therefore, "not appropriable.
Objet potentiellement appropriable par l'ensemble des internautes, elle perd de son aura, tout en laissant en suspens les logiques d'appartenance ainsi que les revendications de propriete qui la traversent.