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In other words, is the fairy (understood here, also, as the ensemble of her ornaments and the women who keep her company: as thus a kind of being-singular-plural, in Jean-Luc Nancy's terms) appropriable in her givenness to sight?
This prize corresponds to the contestable or appropriable revenue from resource rents, and Tullock type rent-seeking contests assume a winner take all situation.
(1978): 'Vertical integration, appropriable rents and the competitive contracting process', Journal of Law and Economics, 21, pp.
Employees would lose any appropriable quasi-rents embodied in the firm-specific human capital.
Were it not for NASA, little R & D would be performed, key supporting infrastructure would not exist, and new technologies would not be developed because the benefits appropriable by private enterprise are too limited or too widely diffused to attract investment.
that there is enough in the authors upon whom critical attention is so trained which is appropriable for those kinds of readings" (125).
As Romeo & Juliette attests, his canon is infinitely adaptable, translatable, and appropriable, and no two individuals--not even those co-directing with ostensibly common artistic aspirations like McCall and Lepage--will read or remember Shakespeare in precisely the same way.
Free-riding Situations in which individuals fail to participate in collectively profitable activities in the absence of coercion or individually appropriable inducements (Stigler, 1974).
Using James Coleman's (1990) concept of "appropriable social organisation", (13) we can see how dense Strengthening Families interagency networks, with high levels of social capital, have the potential to become a forum for addressing a range of complex social issues and problems that are facing families in New Zealand and that would benefit from a cross-sectoral approach.
'Vertical integration, appropriable rents, and the competitive contracting process', Journal of Law and Economics 21(2), pp.
George was an appropriable icon for the Nazis, heralded as 'der geistige Wegweiser und Verkunder des dritten Reiches' (17) thanks to the sentiment of poetry such as that in Das Neue Reich (1928).
In the report of the Department of Finance and Revenues, Canada, it says: "The economic rationale for governments to assist R&D is that the benefits of R&D spillover extend beyond the performers themselves, to other firms and sectors of the economy and the value of these benefits is not fully appropriable by the R&D performer.