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If 'indefinite' is taken as synonymous with general, it may be said that the particular does not appear at the outset, but neither does the general in any exact sense: the vague would be more appropriate.
following appropriate procedures when giving medications through a feeding tube;
Security Council (or in an emergency, as far as in advance as is practicable): (1) the Committees on Appropriations and other appropriate committees are notified of the estimated cost and length of the mission, the vital national interest that will be served, and planned exit strategy: and (2) a reprogramming of funds pursuant to Section 605 of this Act is submitted, and the procedures therein followed, setting forth the source of funds that will be used for the new or expanded mission.
Again, all this was appropriate for the autocratic monarchies, empires, and feudal fiefdoms that preceded more democratic societies.
Illinois' Department of Human Services has trained some staff to administer a 14-question learning needs assessment, which can result in a TANF consumer being referred to the seamless pilot program designed to provide appropriate and seamless services.
The next step in this sequence of unknowns is the appropriate patient selection criteria.
We then defined 10 aspects that determine excellence and grouped these into two categories: those that focus on how an organization creates the appropriate context for software excellence, termed "enablers," and those that focus on the value accrued from software, which we called "results.
For lack of appropriate models, standard solutions developed in temperate lands are applied without thought from the Equator to the Arctic Circle.
This helps determine whether the job is "appropriate, appropriate with modifications, or inappropriate," and also provides space to note which accommodations may be required and those which would actually be available.
Now one worry can be set aside,' Westphal says, "that transferred genes will not be expressed in appropriate amounts.
Secretary of Health and Human Services to define appropriate patients for LTAC hospitals by general medical conditions and severity of illness, rather than diagnoses.
Learning and knowing the appropriate "language" or terminology to use within these contexts is vital to their success both in information retrieval and content understanding.

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