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Leon Patterson, 25, of Vicarage Avenue, Stockton, fined PS660, licence endorsed with six penalty points, ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS30 in charges for driving without appropriate insurance.
This, too, could be an appropriate way of promoting that full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy to which all baptized people are called.
(Usually a "yes.") When, or is it ever appropriate, to discipline a child in a situation other than an immediate safety situation?
Agents and brokers clearly play an important role in insurance companies' obligations and as the government points out: "We also expect that an insurance company faced with a non-compliant agent or broker will take the necessary actions to secure such compliance, including, when appropriate, terminating its business relationship with such an agent or broker." Insurance companies should ensure that all persons dealing in their products have appropriate direction on what to do when they uncover a possible reportable transaction.
For instance, in the initial establishment of rapport toward building a culturally appropriate relationship, the counselor's cultural values are likely to shape what is listened to and observed regarding the client.
In McCord, the court focused on a different study and found that a 20% marketability discount was appropriate for interests in a family limited partnership (FLP) classified as an investment company.
Early intervention helps families to obtain appropriate services and supports and to make plans for the future.
Developmentally appropriate digital environments for children support both mastery of knowledge and growth.
All 11 patients received antimicrobials drugs (median duration 35 days); this therapy was appropriate in 9 of 11 patients.
Inhalant prevention strategies should include comprehensive approaches that meld carefully constructed and developmentally appropriate media, training, technical assistance, information dissemination, and local community action efforts.
These kinds of practices help ensure an appropriate logistics design that helps an organization be successful.
This objective was supported by several points of focus: Management sets the appropriate "tone at the top"; maintains codes of conduct and other policies regarding acceptable behavior; follows ethical guidelines in dealing with employees, suppliers, customers and others; removes or reduces temptations that might cause staff to engage in unethical acts; and responds in a timely and appropriate manner to violations of the company's code of conduct.

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