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"(b) Nothing in this Act shall be construed, nor shall any funds appropriated to carry out the purpose of the Act be used, to promote or encourage homosexuality."
Over half of the money appropriated by this "agriculture" bill is earmarked for so-called mandatory spending on nutrition programs, including $30 billion for food stamps and $16 billion for school lunch and other nutrition programs.
The lion's share of the authorized funding for fiscal year 2003, $2.16 billion, still waits to be appropriated. Implementation of new procedures and purchase of new equipment to meet the requirements mandated by HAVA cannot move forward until this funding is available.
This leaves $146,500,000, or four percent of the total appropriated, remaining for other FMFP programs.
* Appropriated $55,000,000 with an additional $2,875,000 appropriated by Title VI, Emergency Supplemental Appropriation, Military Assistance, for a total of $57,875,000 as IMET grant assistance for FY2001.
* Up to $1,000,000 of the Title III appropriated IMET funding may remain available until expended.
* Appropriated $2,295,000,000 as ESF grant assistance for FY2001 to remain available until 30 September 2002.
* Under the separate heading, International Fund for Ireland, an additional $25,000,000 was appropriated to carry out the provisions of Chapter 4, Part II, FAA, the same authority for ESF, to be available for the U.S.
* Of the funds appropriated under this heading, in addition to funds otherwise made available to Indonesia, not less than $5,000,000 "should be made available" for economic rehabilitation and related activities in Aceh region of Indonesia.
This leaves $533,000,000, or 23 percent of the total appropriated, remaining for other ESF programs.
* Appropriated $127,000,000 as PKO grant assistance for FY2001.
Our fiscal agency services, which comprise another one-sixth of the Reserve Banks' total budget, are provided at the direction of the Treasury and other federal government agencies for whom we provide these services and whose reimbursements to us are made primarily with appropriated funds.

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