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The Pakistani point of view had not been appropriately presented to the politicians of US as I sensed from my conversation with Speaker Pelosi and other representatives," said Khan, with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi standing beside him.
"While there have been isolated incidents in school, these have been extremely rare and have been dealt with appropriately. Pupil behaviour at Starbank School is well-managed and the school environment continues to be safe for both pupils and staff."
I am sure the HEC would not neglect supporting strong R and D in Pakistan and appropriately support funding to both undergraduate education and to a strong R and D in the country.
Staff must also be trained appropriately and care plans must be set out which detail how residents' health, welfare and safety needs are to be met.
Pc Rob Smith, GMP's Liaison Officer for Bury FC, said: "Violence has no place at football matches and anyone found committing such offences will be dealt with appropriately.
"Anyone intent on causing disorder will be dealt with appropriately."
Liew said her ministry would work with the management of the mosque to put up signboards in various languages to advise tourists to act appropriately in the vicinity.
But if there were to be an involvement of a foreign state evidenced by this investigation, then obviously that would be very serious indeed and the government would respond appropriately," he said.
The jury added: "Mr Bibby was appropriately restrained by Merseyside Police."
WASHINGTON, May 6 (KUNA) -- The US on Friday urged the Syrian regime to treat prisoners "appropriately" after reports suggested prisoners in Syrian had revolted against a prison in fear of torture.
The patriots of 1916 deserve to be honoured appropriately in the centenary year.
But we can restore accountability through the three steps of accountability citizenship: being appropriately positive, appropriately informed and appropriately engaged.

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