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Oh, my fellow-men, behold of what a traitor in the camp of those great spirits who are enrolled upon the holy scroll of Justice and of Union, is appropriately capable
No, not even when the sparkling host proposed that the quartette should take an appropriately sparkling glass of wine.
There was the young lady who 'did' the poetry in the Eatanswill GAZETTE, in the garb of a sultana, leaning upon the arm of the young gentleman who 'did' the review department, and who was appropriately habited in a field-marshal's uniform--the boots excepted.
To this Amalia Ivanovna very appropriately observed that she had invited those ladies, but "those ladies had not come, because those ladies
Washington, June 2 ( ANI ): Rumer Willis has advised her mother Demi Moore to dress more appropriately for her age, according to reports.
Later in the day China's Ministry of Commerce said in a brief statement that it had received the request from the EU and added: "We will handle this appropriately in accordance with rules of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism.
Summary: Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel called Tuesday in Marrakech (Morocco) for the set up of a global economic governance allowing to respond appropriately the current crisis and anticipated any threat in the future.
Mr Davies said: "We believe there is at least 20% that we are not doing appropriately within the total budget, that if we did, then we would see that improvement come through.
Most of the complaints received by Ofcom related to concerns that aggressive and intimidating behaviour by housemates was not dealt with appropriately by Channel 4.
that sort of thing) whose passion for history had been ignited early on by a mysterious grandfather who played ball in the appropriately shadowy past, a grandfather who's been missing for four years now.
After 6 seconds of pacing, there is an intrinsic P wave and pacemaker is appropriately inhibited from further pacing until the last line, when there is another pause after a PJC (inverted P wave) and again the pacer appropriately fires until inhibited by an intrinsic P wave.

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