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In countenance the man was rather prepossessing, with just a hint of sternness; though that he may have assumed or cultivated, as appropriate to one in authority.
Hesiod has nothing that remotely approaches such scenes as that between Priam and Achilles, or the pathos of Andromache's preparations for Hector's return, even as he was falling before the walls of Troy; but in matters that come within the range or ordinary experience, he rarely fails to rise to the appropriate level.
This roof concealed a loft, from which gods and goddesses or any appropriate properties could be let down by mechanical devices.
It will be more appropriate in the road, I am afraid," said Margaret.
Those would be the appropriate storms and agitators of the trees of life
Thus to revert to memory: A memory is "vague" when it is appropriate to many different occurrences: for instance, "I met a man" is vague, since any man would verify it.
If 'indefinite' is taken as synonymous with general, it may be said that the particular does not appear at the outset, but neither does the general in any exact sense: the vague would be more appropriate.
There are scenes of all sorts; some dreadful combats, some grand and lofty horse-riding, some scenes of high life, and some of very middling indeed; some love-making for the sentimental, and some light comic business; the whole accompanied by appropriate scenery and brilliantly illuminated with the Author's own candles.
Title VI, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations, Other Bilateral Economic Assistance, appropriates an additional $75,825,000 for assistance for Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia to remain available until 30 September 2002.
Section 306 appropriates funding into the Defense Vessels Transfer Program Account such sums as may be necessary for the costs of the lease-sale transfers to Chile and Turkey as authorized by Section 1013(b), National Defense Authorization Act, 2000, P.
House Bill 997 appropriates $143,000 to Central Penn Oncology Group;
Salvatore (R-Philadelphia), appropriates $8,070,750 to the Philadelphia Health and Education Corporation for the MCP Hahnemann University for Jan.

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