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At the Swiss Institute, Peinado's Manichaean reductions often seemed facile, sometimes appropriating slick, seductive advertising strategies rather too well, and creating an aura of spectacle and enchantment that tended to reinforce material desire rather than challenge the capitalist status quo.
Understanding the spiritual dimensions of control may help some teachers change appropriating behaviors.
As we go to press, the League, in coalition with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and a host of other organizations, and groups representing state and local election officials, state and local governments and their representatives (the National Governors Association, the National Association of Secretaries of State, National Association of State Election Directors, National League of Cities, among others) are all urging President Bush and the 108th Congress to fully fund the implementation of HAVA by appropriating the necessary funds for fiscal years 2003 and 2004 in their first appropriations action.