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1 million appropriation last year for advanced laser research and logistics administration facilities at two military bases in New Mexico.
Disagreements between Congress and the President over FY 1996 appropriations and balancing the budget slowed the administration's FY 1997 budget preparations.
House and Senate conferees agreed to an appropriation of $22 billion for the FSLIC Resolution Fund for fiscal 1991.
Appropriated $55,000,000 with an additional $2,875,000 appropriated by Title VI, Emergency Supplemental Appropriation, Military Assistance, for a total of $57,875,000 as IMET grant assistance for FY2001.
To the degree that Kass has raised a multiplicity of questions about the relation of women to appropriation, her recent work should be applauded, but then, too, it should signal that it is time to move on.
However, since the total of other allowable expenses usually exceeds the state appropriation to the funded program, these questionable charges are not considered to have been made with the state appropriation.
Although bond payment is contingent upon legislative appropriation in each case, in the event of non-appropriation for any of the credits the state would be unable to receive revenues held by the LGAC trust fund, which receives the one cent of the state's sales tax and contributed about $2.
5 million appropriation will be prioritized by sections that pose the most danger to hikers and equestrians.
TEI sincerely believes that reducing the TSM appropriation to offset money spent on other initiatives is the equivalent of robbing Peter to pay Paul or, worse yet, robbing Peter's children to pay Peter.
Some HUD officials also told us that tension over the handling of Anti-Deficiency Act issues led to changes in OGC's provision of legal assistance to OCFO, which hindered timely, informal communications between OCFO and OGC's appropriation law attorneys.
DECREASED DEBT SERVICE COVERAGE: Due to the declining appropriation amounts, debt service coverage (DSC) levels have fallen in 2012 FY to 4.
2 billion of the appropriation for medical services be spent on "specialty mental health care.

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