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The economic intuition for Equations 10 and 11 is as follows: An increase in d increases the fraction of the good that is successfully defended directly; in addition, it has an indirect effect because it induces individual 2 to change his appropriative behavior.
51) As noted earlier, these transactions can involve water of lower quality and with lower priority appropriative water rights than required for agriculture-to-urban transactions.
For example, using a sale that obtains water through a contractual entitlement as a comparable when appraising a property with an appropriative right is problematic because a contractual entitlement is an intangible asset whereas an appropriative right is a property right.
The miniaturization fulfills a protective function against the seductive beauty of Adam and his appropriative discourse, but the great perceptual intensity and the anti-mimetic nature of the ensuing catalogue of materials, shades of color and of creatures, confronts male attractiveness with the gorgeousness and swiftness of the feminine mind, "the inner paradise of the woman's imagination" (Hadas 1991: 153), capable of enriching and surpassing the beauty of experience through attention to heterogeneous detail and nuances of meaning.
The cynical view of this is to regard these new 'versions' of the Bleek material as merely appropriative, further exploitations of the legacy of a people who can no longer talk back (Gagiano 1998; Viljoen 2006:38).
But it is not until he mobilizes the authoritative discourses of biological birthright and Christianity that Fevvers feels his appropriative strategies "ground" her.
343) While the court held that the plaintiffs "do not, by virtue of their contracts with [Reclamation], hold prior appropriative or senior water rights that would require the Secretary to appropriate their water before appropriating the 800,000 acre feet of water for fishery and wildlife purposes," it would not rule on whether the plaintiffs had prior water rights under the Watershed Protection Act.
This disengaged 'dominant culture ideology' is appropriative, homogenising, and ultimately destructive.
Because black Africans were confronted, converted and catechized with particular parts and peculiar interpretations of Bible, it is these that have constituted the raw material of their interpretative and appropriative acts.
One might be tempted to see the book as fantasy/science fiction's attempt to move into a more appropriative and contemporary space, but there is a great deal that is literarily savvy about this book that makes it go beyond genre.
His modernist art is one of appropriative inscription, rewriting, and unwriting rather than "objective" description.
Algorithm 1 shows the pseudo-code of the appropriative Round Robin Scheduling policy, for a time-shared o.