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The essence of an appropriation case lies in the fact that the appropriator uses the illicit action or its fruits or byproducts to further the appropriator's own plan of action.
If the sum of these expected costs for each appropriator exceeds the incentive to change, no appropriator will invest the time and resources needed to create new institutions, and the status quo remains in effect.
During periods of water shortage, senior appropriators may completely fulfill their water rights, leaving the burden of shortage on junior appropriators.
Appropriators who violate operational rules are likely to be assessed graduated sanctions (depending on the seriousness and context of the offense) by other appropriators, by officials accountable to these appropriators, or by both.
Case studies incorporating extended fieldwork were selected using the following criteria: (1) the structure of the resource management system; (2) the attributes and behavior of the appropriators (defined as those who obtain the benefits) of the CPR; (3) the rules that the appropriators were using; and (4) the outcome resulting from the behavior of the appropriators.
Whether there will be two Predators will be up to congressional appropriators, who are awaiting a final report from the National Transportation Safety Board on the cause of the crash.
The lack of a final budget resolution didn't stop appropriators from trying to do their work.
Senate Republican appropriators are recommending that the CFPB be placed under the annual appropriations process and that the Community Development Financial Institutions Program continue in FY2018, despite Trump Administration opposition.
Plugged in House staffers say the appropriators will be at the center of the budget fight early on.