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In addition, NLC asked appropriators to reject the President's proposed cut in Amtrak and to fund Amtrak at no less than the $1.
Additionally, appropriators level-funded the Airport Improvement Program at $3.
On the House side, appropriators remained within the limits for nondefense spending established in the budget resolution, but they approved defense spending that far exceeds the cap.
Under the current structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], the director enjoys unprecedented regulatory and budgetary authority without meaningful appropriations oversight to ensure that the director is effectively managing public money," Republican appropriators said, in explaining the change.
In an effort to win support from Democrats, House appropriators left out contentious policy provisions such as one blocking Obama's 2010 health-care law.
Appropriators may craft an omnibus spending package for the rest of the current 2014 fiscal year at the sequester level of $967 billion (the same level as the House budget resolution) while adhering to funding caps for defense and nondefense accounts stipulated under the 2011 Budget Control Act.
authored and circulated a letter urging Senate Appropriators to raise CDBG funding to $3.
FMBL focuses on the appropriators and budgeteers while LL handles all other members and committees.
The budget resolution is not a legally binding document; but it is approved in both chambers and sets the overall spending caps that the appropriators use as a guide when developing spending allocations for individual programs.
Earlier, NASCCA sent letters to congressional appropriators urging them to meet the president's proposal of a $1.