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By denying PTO the ability to spend fee revenue in the same fiscal year in which it collects the revenue, the appropriators may spend an equivalent amount on some other program without exceeding their budget caps.
In this section, I hope to show why it is not necessarily the case that appropriators intend the contemporaneous or future evil acts whose fruits or byproducts they appropriate in order to further their own ends.
Intent: An appropriator must intend to use the water.
Critics of the system can complain about "bias" or "exploitation," Carr is reported to have said, or they can try to master it the way the appropriators have.
Therefore, their water application per acre is lower and their water efficiency is higher than are those of the prior appropriators who, in many cases, experienced water prices close to zero.
Case studies incorporating extended fieldwork were selected using the following criteria: (1) the structure of the resource management system; (2) the attributes and behavior of the appropriators (defined as those who obtain the benefits) of the CPR; (3) the rules that the appropriators were using; and (4) the outcome resulting from the behavior of the appropriators.
Goldsmith's work reverses the art-for-art's-sake endgame practiced by language artists in the '60s, and makes the language-of-power appropriators of the '70s and '80s seem a little constipated.
Senate appropriators do not appear to have gotten the memo O
The tentative agreement lifts the sequester numbers so that as appropriators we have the latitude to finish our work on this year's appropriations process.
APHA is calling on congressional appropriators to fund federal health professions programs at $520 million in fiscal year 2015.
House appropriators last week made clear their ideas on a number of policy issues regarding USDA and the Food and Drug Administration through a series of amendments to the fiscal 2015 spending bill for those two agencies.
Republican appropriators in the Senate expect to start work soon on three of the 12 annual spending bills, as lawmakers press to finish fiscal 2012 budget work.