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As in prior years, House and Senate appropriators included a provision that prohibits the EPA from using funds to implement a mandatory greenhouse gas reporting system for livestock producers.
"Under the current structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], the director enjoys unprecedented regulatory and budgetary authority without meaningful appropriations oversight to ensure that the director is effectively managing public money," Republican appropriators said, in explaining the change.
House appropriators say they still hope for an agreement out of the budget conference.
Earlier this year, in an effort to provide appropriators with the necessary additional resources to fulfill House and Senate CDBG funding request letters, NLC spearheaded a large coalition of HUD and DOT stakeholders to urge Congress to increase the overall DOT-HUD 302(b) allocation.
While the Senate appropriator's numbers are far from final--the full Senate must also vote on the bill and then reconcile with an eventual House version--they provide the first glimpse so far of how the department's request might fare on the Hill.
The appropriators would continue to exercise their prerogatives under advance appropriations, which unlike entitlement spending does not provide "automatic pilot" funding.
That timeline speaks volumes about the difficulties the Army has selling the program to skeptical appropriators on Capitol Hill.
Because the appropriators of Native American traditions are so much more visible to the average American than are Native traditionalists, the average American is likely to assume that the decontextualized, pan-Indian practices of the appropriators are accurate expressions of Native American religion.
11, Democratic appropriators announced that they will seek to pass a year-long CR when they take over next year so that they can focus instead on the FY2008 budget process.
Still, it was Flake and his merry band of fiscal conservatives who once again tied up the House in April, staging a showdown with pro-earmark House appropriators. Forcing the majority leader to choose between the two sides, Flake asked Boehner to guarantee that his earmark provision would not be touched.
Senate appropriators said that funds for screening and checkpoint technologies should be increased while the number of human screeners is reduced, reported Reuters.