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The present confirmation, ratification, or assent to some action or thing done by another, which is submitted to an individual, group, or governmental body for judgment. The acceptance by a judge of a bond, security, or other document that is required by law to meet with the judge's satisfaction before it becomes legally effective.

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"Manufacturers press us all the time to approve their products, especially since we put our approvals out onto the Internet," added McDonough.
Right now there is considerable doubt about where President Bush's job approval numbers will be by the time the November 5 midterm elections arrive and for that matter, whether this election--which will determine control of the U.S.
The IRS notes, however, that even if the tax year fails in some later year to qualify as a permitted year under the original test for which it granted approval (e.g., the 25%-gross-receipts test), the taxpayer would not have to change its existing tax year if it can demonstrate that the year is permitted under some other test (e.g., the annual-business-cycle test).
People began demanding faster drug approval through media campaigns, lobbying, and demonstrations.
However, in Metro Manila, the Vice President's approval rating went down 10 points to 34 percent, while her trust rating declined 12 points to 31 percent.
An HDE approval entails certain restrictions, amongst other things that no more than 8,000 patients may be treated per year under HDE approval and that separate institutional IRB approval may be required for treatment.
Approved Change in Approval Status from Initial Approval to Initial Approval with Warning and Approval of Survey Visit:
She recorded majority approval and trust scores in nearly all geographuic areas, except Metro Manila.
His overall approval rating in the separate Gallup tracking survey for the weeks ending Aug.
There have only been 13 polls in which Trump had higher approval ratings than his disapproval ratings. The last time Trump had approval ratings that were better than his disapproval ratings was in March. 
The federal cabinet has regularised nearly $2 billion foreign commercial loans that the government had obtained during second half of the last fiscal year without prior approval of the cabinet and also waived 10% tax on interest payments to foreign lenders.