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The present confirmation, ratification, or assent to some action or thing done by another, which is submitted to an individual, group, or governmental body for judgment. The acceptance by a judge of a bond, security, or other document that is required by law to meet with the judge's satisfaction before it becomes legally effective.

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This foray into a comparative assessment of modern presidents' approvals underscores the continuing debate of whether a president's approval is dictated by a priori conditions or is a reflection of the president as an individual, his attributes and personal qualities directing his management of public policy.
The purchaser should start well before the proposed purchase date to develop a comprehensive list of all filings that must be made and the timelines for their filing and approval. The due diligence process is also critical here, since much of the information needed to complete regulatory filings will be obtained from the seller during the purchaser's due diligence investigation.
Coverage approvals appear less certain for the capsule-endoscopy device, manufactured by Given Imaging Ltd., an Israeli company with North American headquarters in Norcross, Ga.
Philadelphia Suburban Corporation (NYSE: PSC), Bryn Mawr, Pa., the nation's largest investor-owned water utility based in the U.S., has received approval from Sarasota County Florida regarding its acquisition of the Florida investor-owned water and wastewater systems of AquaSource, Inc., a subsidiary of DQE, Inc.
Industry-supported reforms have provided the FDA major resources to focus on the approval of new drugs, but once these drugs are out in the market, the picture changes dramatically.
Paul Clarke of Greenpeace in New York says the organization considers EPA approvals of transgenic plants to be "an assault upon the genetic diversity of native plants." Field tests of other transgenic crops have resulted in significant migration of the engineered genes into nearby crops or into the transgenics' wild, weedy relatives, he says.
"The release of our new standalone editions of Approval Manager will, for the first time, make our technology available to a much wider spectrum of the market," said Robert T.
Another blow this week--Governor Pataki signed into law the Legislature's economic development budget for 2005-2006, which did not include the Governor's requested $300 million subsidy for the West Side stadium, which may be a reason enough for the PACB to decline their approval, since the state has no funds allocated for the project.
INEX has submitted two major sections of its "rolling" NDA to the FDA seeking marketing approval for Onco TCS as a treatment for relapsed aggressive NHL.
Accordingly, the Board concludes that consummation of the proposal would not result in any significantly adverse effects on competition or on the concentration of banking resources in any relevant banking market, and that competitive considerations are consistent with approval.
Trial results affect the drug's approval and marketing, and can also have an immediate influence on the company's stock price.