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TO APPROVE, approbare. To increase the profits upon a thing; as to approve land by increasing the rent. 2 Inst. 784.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The ECC approved Rs1.8 billion supplementary budget for Ministry of Interior to largely meet the needs of Pakistan Rangers and repair of security cameras.
However, the value of approved investment applications from Taiwanese investors in NSP countries fell 34.7 percent from a year earlier to US$2.42 billion with the number of deals up more than 70 percent at 229, the data showed.
'National Assembly did not approve any reimbursement for four States (Bauchi, Delta, Kogi and Taraba) whereas Federal Executive Council had approved reimbursements for them and note that the amounts approved by the National Assembly for reimbursement to 21 states are higher than the amounts approved by Federal Executive Council for reimbursement to 25 states.
Operating under that moniker aside from Approved Oil are Approved Energy, Approved Plumbing and Fire Protection and Approved Wholesale, with the latter having terminal positions in multiple states.
The approved project are as follow "Establishment of NUST Campus at Quetta" at the cost of 2622.866, "Construction of Hostel / Sports Facilities at Karakoram International University" at the cost of Rs316.390, "Strengthening of University of Peshawar" at the cost of Rs 748 million, "Academic and Research Linkages with different countries/agencies under bilateral agreement" at the cost of Rs467 million and "Establishment of Space Applications Research Centre, Gilgit Baltistan" at the cost of Rs665 million.
The Federal Cabinet also approved Digital Pakistan Policy.
The cabinet approved the signing of MoU for the establishment of Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between Pakistan and Tanzania
No.###Name of Colony/ Town###Total Area (Acres)###Year of Establishment###Approved/ Not Approved
- Investments approved in construction material, ceramic and glass industries rose from 84 MTD to 122 MTD (10 months 2014/2015)
The value of commercial building plans approved is up 341 % on last year this time.
Commenting on the launch Mark Tomlinson, general manager of GAC, said, "Through the Diamond Approved Used Car proA[degrees] gramme, we ensure that the preA[degrees] owned Mitsubishi ownership experience is a unique journey, that provides owners with the knowledge and confidence that everypreA[degrees]ownedvehicleissoldto Mitsubishi standards."
Approved the Corporate Governance report for the year ended 31st December 2012.