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The value of commercial building plans approved is up 341 % on last year this time.
Graham's Restaurant was recently approved to sell beer/wine in a restaurant with a taproom at 9989 Mount Baker Highway Suite I, Glacier, WA 98244 (new application).
CoGS had earlier approved a recommendation from the Prioritized Operational Plan working group to reformat Letting Down the Nets.
If the drug is approved, it will initially default to Cigna's nonpreferred status, said John Poniatowski, vice president of coverage policy.
In challenging the cancellation of the Boron High School project, district officials questioned why the state disregarded the lateness of the project plans when it was initially approved.
1996 Viramune, the first drug in the third class of antiretrovirals, is approved
As soon as his office approved the Indian pills, he said, 'a very cold wind began to blow from the U.
Tison added that a major benefit of the Army BIC program is that money saved from an approved initiative goes right back to the organization that submitted it.
It took an unprecedented two meetings of the FDA's advisory committee for the drug in finally be approved, and even then, in April 1996,the senior doctor in charge of reviewing Redux refused in sign the approval letter.
The proposal also would allow the PEEC to terminate the membership of a member who is subjected to a sanction that is of a permanent nature by an approved government agency or other organization and to suspend a member who is suspended by the body.
By order, approved pursuant to authority delegated by the Board, effective March 27, 2003.
Getting approved prior to buying also gives you a bargainer's edge.