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Ooh yeah,' I said approvingly, 'he's got a look of Mr Bloom.
David Davis is said to have approvingly repeated a description of the partnership between Mr Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as "Brokeback Coalition".
The opinion noted approvingly the broad agenda of priorities set out by Georgieva, which ranged from expanding the EU's civil protection work, through better protection of humanitarian workers to high-profile disasters like Haiti and forgotten crises', such as sexual violence in Eastern Congo.
GEORGE Tyndale writes approvingly that Margaret Thatcher raised Britain's profile throughout the world.
Though he worries that direct handouts may pay for alcohol or drugs, he approvingly notes an experiment in which a Canadian shelter served hourly drinks to its alcoholic residents.
So go to the place where big photos of cowboys herding cattle look down on you approvingly when you bite into the beef--Stuart Anderson's The Cattle Co.
Former Irish leader Garrett Fitzgerald approvingly referred to the new treaty as "virtual incomprehensibility.
ROBIN HOOD, Nottingham's greatest ever arrowsmith, would be looking on approvingly tonight as the PDC's merry men land on his patch.
The production included "a light-fingered giant panda and gruesome Egyptian mummy," Vickers wrote approvingly.
19 issue entitled "Political Science"--which states that "Americans have perfectly good moral and societal reasons not to dwell on the racial distribution of intelligence," and goes on to approvingly quote Nathan Glazer's comment that untruth on the subject is better for us than the truth--amounts to obscurantism.
Veteran anti-imperialist writer and activist Ali (New Left Review) approvingly turns his eye on Latin America as it slips out from under the neoliberal yoke and the paternal tutelage of the United States.
Dickens would have seen a kinsman in the creator of 'Paulie Walnuts' Gauitieri," Remnick salutes approvingly.