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5 $85 million, diocese of Covington (Kentucky) Claimants: 360 Approximate average per claimant: $236,000
What's relevant is the fact that [the approximate entropy] was remarkably different right before the crash," Pincus says.
Table 1 presents results of ten yearly OLS regressions between q values obtained from both the L-R and the approximate q formulas for the years from 1978 to 1987 (the last full year for which the Manufacturing Sector Master File has been compiled and released).
Schmieden-Taylor Dura Scissor Approximate 155 Mm Long 3
The total approximate earnings from goods during 1st April 2014 31st December 2014 were Rs.
An approximate 325 kW ground mount facility at Camp Williams (Jacobs Canal I, UTARNG funded project No 4914041)
The Base Bid is defined as the proposed parking lot at the Village of Driver beginning at approximate Station 10+00 and the 10-ft wide paved multi-use trail ending at Shoulders Hill Road approximate Station 133+33.